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Is Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales Game Worth It? Review

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales game is a continuation of the original Spiderman game. This statement is true in nearly all aspects of the game. Whether it’s combat or general gameplay, it does not feel any different than the original Spiderman. It has the same feeling and delivers the same experience in a good way. You can feel the inexperience of Miles as Spiderman and yet his actions are remanence of Peter Parker. Action sequences are still the same even if the execution styles of these sequences are different.  Miles is taking the mental of Spiderman and he is the sole protector of the in the game. Players can feel that he is an inexperienced Spiderman through his actions.

Not everything is the way it was in the 2018’s Spiderman. The plot of the game is different since it acts as a continuation to the first. This is obvious since it is a standalone expansion/sequel. Other changes include some new abilities and changes in the city. The character of Miles Morales is also different than Peter Parker. Every aspect of Miles is impacted by his personality. The game revolves around the new Spiderman making it different than the first game to some extent. At its core, it is still the Spiderman game yet it offers a fresh take on the franchise. Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales game feels like an updated experience while still retaining the core gameplay features.

The Premise of Spiderman Miles Morales

The game offers a new story that has never been part of Spiderman games. This is the first game featuring Miles after all. It has the generic superhero games plot with revelation, betrayals, and action. You get requests of New York’s citizens on the Spiderman app and these requests act as missions. The central plot of the game revolves around stopping conflict between Roxxon Energy Corporation and a high-tech army of criminals known as Underground. The concept of good and bad is a prevalent part of the plot. It doesn’t blur the line between good and bad but rather shows the world from both sides.

Characters in Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales game are good and bring it to life. There are old characters and some new characters in the game. You get to see the personality of Miles through how he acts around them. Characters also show their reaction towards Miles. His Puerto Rican-African American heritage is explored through both his families and friends. Throughout the game, Miles meets with his Dad’s brother to strengthen his family relations. You get to know what type of hero Miles what to be through the conversation that he has with citizens and those close to him.

The villains in the game are also explored through their background stories. One of them is not bad just because she is a villain but is rather a tragic figure. This tragic past makes her do what she does. You can sympathize with the villain yet don’t like what she is doing. The other one is a generic businessman villain who is doing all the bad things for the business.

It is New York Again

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales game takes place in New York. Everything about the city is the same and the only changes in the city are seasonal. The game takes place in winter so there is snow everywhere. There are Christmas decorations everywhere in the city. You can feel the spirit of holidays in the game. Despite all the changes, it’s the same New York city as the 2018’s Spiderman. Under snow and holiday decoration not much has changed in the city.

The story is the direct continuation of the previous game’s DLC The City That Never Sleeps. You don’t have to play the first game to know the story. Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales game will show you the recap of all the necessary events. Besides, it is the direct continuation of the DLC, not the core game. Though the events of the DLC are tied to the base game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales game is not a 70$ game but rather acts as a standalone expansion. You can complete the main story in 6 to 7 hours depending on pacing. Doing side activities can make it longer but even they not on par with 2018’s Spiderman. It is a standalone expansion so don’t expect a full game. If you want a full-fledged experienced and haven’t played the first game then the Ultimate edition is a better option for you. It is only available on PS5 and includes Spiderman with all the DLCs along with Miles Morales.

Side Activities

Along with main missions, there are also different side activities and side missions in the game. Some of these side activities are similar to the one in 2018’s Spiderman. Underground caches are one such example but this time, side activities are rewarding. You can also do halo training that is left behind by Peter Parker. Completing halo challenges will get you new moves. Side Missions are not exceptional, unlike other open-world PlayStation exclusive games though they are better than side activities. On the other hand, side activities are just there to help Miles get new abilities and extend the game. Side activities can also help you level up and earn tech points.

General Gameplay of Spiderman Miles Morales

At its core, Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales game is a Spiderman game so web swinging is a major part of it. Miles has a unique way of swinging that is different than Peter Parker. His movements are unstable and he swings through the air unstably. The motion of Mile’s swings shows that he is not an experienced Spiderman. You can see that he is struggling to keep the balance while swinging in the air. This unique way of swimming brings a new aspect to the game.

The game progresses at a decent pace. Miles will regularly acquire new gadgets and abilities. These abilities and gadgets make him stronger. You will get side missions during the main story. It will be your choice whether you want to complete them as soon as they appear or do it at a later time. Like other open-world games, Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales game lets you move at your own pace.

Miles gets quests through the Spiderman app but the use of this app is devoiding the game of proper NPCs interaction. You can’t approach NPCs and interact with them like other games. There are some NPCs that you can interact with but they are only a few. These intractable NPCs are part of the community which shows the character of Miles through these interactions. The lack of proper NPCs interaction makes it seem more scripted.

Music Sets The Mode

Attention to details in the game is amazing. New York City seems so realistic and it has everything that you can expect from a good virtual version of the city. The thing that makes Spiderman Miles Morales more interesting is the music. It changes according to what is happening on the screen. The change in music not only happens during action sequences but general gameplay as well. The music of the game is a mix of hip-hop and traditional action music. The way music picks up or lowers the base with the intensity of action is quite satisfying. It makes a good combination because it not only brings a fresh change to the game but also complements the character of Miles Morales.

You do get calls or podcasts throughout the game. These calls and podcasts will constantly point you towards new objectives. At times it can be disturbing because it breaks the energy of music and the immersion. You can turn off some of these sounds but some calls and podcasts are tied to the story. You can’t turn off such calls and podcasts due to their importance.

Combat of The Game

Combat of Spiderman Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales game is not much different than the original game. Moves have Miles Morales touch to them but they are pretty much the same. Miles’s lack of experience is evident in every part of his movement. The abilities and gadgets that you get are similar to the original game but there are some additions. Venom punch and Camouflage are the new additions to the combat. These new attacks make Miles different than Peter to some extent but their use is quite limited. Throughout the game, I wasn’t forced to use these abilities because they can be easily overlooked. You can complete the entire game without using Venom Punch and Camouflage.

Even though these new abilities are forgettable there are still some scripted sequences where you have to use them. You can use these abilities to repair objects or charge them to clear the path. Repairing objects can open up paths to inaccessible locations. In certain parts of the game, you are supposed to use camouflage for stealth play. You can still complete these parts of the game without using Camouflage or Venom punch. To use the Venom punch you have to charge it and it can help you knock out multiple enemies at once. The overall combat is just so chaotic that even their powerful nature is not enough to make them memorable during combat.

Abilities and Skill Tree

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales game has three types of sub-trees as part of its skill tree. The combination of Venom, Camouflage, and Combat sub trees makes up the skill tree. You can choose where you want to invest points and make that aspect of combat better for Miles. Along with Venom attacks and Camouflage, Miles also has four gadget slots. You can equip gadgets depending on how you play as you get more of them. Completing challenges will unlock new moves and gain tech points. You would need tech points to unlock new suits.

The combination of moves on time can help you do more damage. Timing your attacks can result in combos as well. The core combat is still pretty much the same down to the slow-motion during combat. Slow-motion which is the signature aspect of Insomniac Spiderman games is still as prevalent as 2018’s Spiderman if not more. Even though Miles has more powerful attacks the power level of both him and Peter is pretty much the same. Miles can only equip up to four gadgets compared to eight of Peter and Miles can only go up to 20 levels compared to 50 of Peter. So there is a balance to keep reigns on Miles Morales’s power.

Graphics and Frame Rate are better On PlayStation 5.

In terms of layout and look the city is pretty much the same. However, graphically it is much better than on the PlayStation 5. It even looks better than the first game on the PS4. The graphics and frame rate are better on the PS5 but you can only select one of them or compromise on both. Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales game has three options Fidelity Mode, Performance Mode, and Performance Ray Tracing mode. On Fidelity mode, the game runs at 30 Fps, 4K with Raytracing. On Performance Mode, the game runs at 60 Fps, Dynamic 4K without ray tracing. Performance Ray Tracing mode is a different story, it offers both 60 FPS and Ray tracing but the resolution is 1440 with some other cutbacks. Performance Ray Tracing mode was added later to the game as a post update.

Spiderman Miles Morales also utilizes DualSense to some extent. The utilization of Dual Sense is occasional and not as good as Destruction AllStar. The underutilization of the DualSense controller is a bummer since it is a single-player game with great opportunities for DualSense utilization. The gameplay experience on both PS4 and PS5 has different but plays somewhat similar. Graphics and FPS is a major upgrade but other than that the game is pretty much the same on both consoles. So you don’t need a PS5 to have an absolute blast.


Spider-Man Miles Morales is a new Spiderman game yet it feels like an extension of the original Spiderman. For good reason, it is a stand-alone extension of the original game rather than the beginning of something new. The statement is true for every aspect of the game other than Miles Morales and the story of the game. It takes place in the same New York City in a different season. Even the use of new abilities is rare. The story of Miles Morals makes it different than the original game. If you want the experience a Spiderman game with someone other than Peter Parker then Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales game is one of the best.

Is Spiderman Miles Morales Your type of game?

Now let’s answer the question “Is Spiderman Miles Morales worth buying?” if you are into Superhero games then Spiderman Miles Morales is a must-play. In case you want to play a game with good combat and amazing action sequences then Spiderman Miles Morales could be the game for you. If you are a fan of the original Spiderman then you will definitely like it. However, if you are not into superhero games then it might not be the game for you. Spiderman Miles Morales might also not be the game for you if you prefer shooting games. It’s not a full-fledged game so you might be disappointed if you are expecting a full-fledged game.  In short, it is the game for players who are into superhero games and games with good hand-to-hand combat.

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Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales GameMarvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales


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