Destiny 2 Titan Guide For Guardians

Titans are one of the three main classes, Destiny 2 Titan guide will show you how to make the most of them. Different stats can change how a character performs. Different stats dictate the class ability of each guardian. The barrier is Titan’s class ability and, it can block the incoming damage. Compared to the class abilities of other guardians, it is the least effective. However, certain exotic pieces can make it a lot better. Since the most important stats for Titan are regeneration and resilience, Titan can take more damage if a build is made right. Let’s discuss how to make Titans perform better in combat.

Destiny 2 Titans

Titans can take more damage than other characters. It is the class that can take a lot of damage if, the build is made right. Even without a proper build they still take comparatively more damage than other classes. A Titan with a tier 5 resilience will take more damage than Hunter and Warlock with the same resilience. Destiny 2 Titan guide also shows you that their melee abilities are some of the most powerful in the game.

Exotics pieces can make their melee abilities even better. Different melee abilities of Titan can increase the damage, make you more survivable or do massive damage. Titan’s melee abilities are one of its more important factors as they can change its performance.

Resilience will not only reduce the cooldown of Titan’s class ability but, also make it tanky. With high resilience, a Titan can even take a direct hit from the shotgun in the Crucible. They can run towards enemies and take enemies down with the powerful leap melee attack.

Titan can be used in a way that lets the player run towards enemies and take them down before they even have a chance to attack. Most of their exotics are about powerful melee attacks or defense. So having a Titan that can tank can make a lot of difference in combat. Destiny 2 Titan guide helps you in using Titans better.


If you want to use Titan proficiently, some stats will work better than others for it. Having high resilience and regeneration can help a lot while using Titan. High regeneration will let you get back quickly into the fight after taking damage, giving you more opportunities to attack. Destiny 2 Titan guide will help you understand important stats for Titans.

A Titan with high resilience and regeneration can be a monster in Crucible and Gambit. Resilience will also have an impact on the over-shield of a guardian. Since Titan has more exotics and abilities to get over-shield, having a high resilience will turn it into a tank. So having a high regeneration and resilience is important for Titans.

In PVE content, the melee of Titan can be devastating to all the enemies. Titan’s leap melees can damage multiple enemies that are close to each other. There are a variety of abilities that make each guardian unique. Hunter has the best class ability that can help it survive even the most intense combat.

Titans have the best melee abilities and, they can take more damage. Warlock has the best support abilities that can help the team survive and do more damage. Warlock also has the most powerful grenade abilities among all guardians. So, each guardian is unique with a different playstyle. Titans melee is preferable over its grenade abilities. With the Destiny 2 Titan guide, you can focus on the stats that matter most to your build and playstyle.

Using Titans

Each Titan has different unique abilities which make their playstyle different. Exotics also have a major impact on a guardian’s performance. Exotics can alter abilities, give extra damage, make abilities better or add something extra to an ability. Most of the Titan’s melee abilities will help it regenerate health or make enemies weaker. It is easier for a Titan to get close to enemies and hit them with melee. Titan can fight enemies even while surrounded. In Grand Master Night Fall, they can stay relatively close to enemies and, do damage with support from a Warlock. Super works in the same way as other guardians but, Titan’s Thundercrash can do more damage with a single hit than any other super.

Destiny 2 Titan Guide shows you all the basics about using a Titan. The abilities of guardians can perform differently depending on the build and stats. Keeping in mind, the information will help you make the most out of Titans in Destiny 2. It will help you make builds for different abilities and, playstyles.

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