The Division 2 Hybrid Build

The Division 2 Hybrid Build (The Capacitor Build)

A good The Division 2 hybrid build should have the ability to rain damage on enemies from multiple sources. It should have protection, skill damage, and weapon damage to take down the enemies. What if you could make a build that can large amount of damage from both weapons and skills? This build will have an Assult Turret and a Striker Drone. The damage will be coming from multiple sources. It will have skill damage, weapon damage, and protection while still have the ability to crowd control with an insane amount of damage. The build that can allow you to do all this is The Capacitor build. With skill cores, weapon damage cores, and an armor core you can destroy your foes.

Pieces Needed For The Division 2 Hybrid Build

To make The Capacitor build you would need 3 pieces of Empress International. A Memento Exotic bag pack, 1 piece of Wyvern Wear, and a Piece of Grupo Sombra S.A. or Ceska Vyroba s.r.o. depending on whether you need critical hit damage or critical hit chance. All these pieces would work in synergy to increase the damage output of The Division 2 hybrid build.

The Division 2 Empress International

3 Pieces of Empress International

Empress International is a skill piece that can be used with different skill builds. It is a brand set so you would need 3 pieces to activate everything that it has to offer. Using 1 piece would give you 10 % skill health, 2 pieces would give you 10% skill health, and 10% skill damage. 3 pieces would give you 10% skill health, 10% skill damage, and 10% skill efficiency. Skill efficacy is the most important attribute of the Empress International brand set. It includes skill damage, skill health, skill haste, repair skill, and skill duration. The only other gear piece with skill efficacy is Memento which is also part of The Division 2 hybrid build.

Memento Bag pack

Memento is the most versatile gear piece in the game. It can give you skill damage, protection, and weapon damage. Using Memento with a hybrid build can be a good choice. It can work with all types of builds and The Division 2 hybrid build is no exception. Memento has one armor core, one weapon damage core, and one skill core. It will make your skill tier 6 while also giving you weapon damage. The talent on the bag pack will give you both weapon damage and skill damage which is important for any hybrid build.

Wyvern Wear

It is the only gear piece with 10% skill damage as the first attribute. Even if you use a single piece of Wyvern Wear, you will still get 10% damage giving you space to use other gear pieces. With the help of Wyvern Wear the damage output of The Capacitor build will increase.

The Division 2 Wyvern Wear Overwatch

Grupo Sombra S.A. Brand, or Ceska Vyroba s.r.o. or Fenris Group AB

You can use any one of the three pieces depending on whether you want critical hit damage, critical hit chance, or assault rifle damage. Using Grupo Sombra S.A. will get you a 15% critical hit damage. Using Ceska Vyroba s.r.o will get you a 10% critical hit chance.

Keep in mind the build mostly focus on skill damage so you might face a shortage of critical hit chance, making Ceska Vyroba s.r.o. a better choice. You can also use Fenris it will give you 10% assault rifle damage but it will not give damage to your rifle. Once Capacitor is out of ammo you will lose the damage from that piece.


There are two talents on The Division 2 hybrid build which includes. The two talents on The Division 2 hybrid build are there to make the build as good as possible. The talents on this build include Overwatch and Kill Confirmed. Both the talent will give you skill and weapon damage, thus increase the damage output


Overwatch is a talent that can give players both skill and weapon damage. If you stay in cover for 10 seconds (8 seconds for Perfect Overwatch found on named Fenris called Ferocious Calm) then it will increase the weapon and skill damage for both you and your teammates by 12%. This is one of the few talents that give you both weapon and skill damage. As long as you stay in cover or move from cover to cover the talent will remain active. It is not as effective as Spotter but Spotter only works on pulse enemies and since you can’t use Pulse Laser with Capacitor, it won’t work with The Division 2 hybrid build.

Kill Confirmed

It is a talent on the Memento bag pack that provides both short-term and long-term buff. Each time you kill an enemy, they will drop a trophy. Picking up that trophy will increase your skill efficiency, give you bonus armor, and increase weapon damage for 10 seconds. This buff is based on the number of core attributes.

For every, weapon damage core you will get 5% weapon damage, 10% bonus armor for every blue core, and 5% skill efficiency for every yellow core. This is a short-term buff and won’t be much of a use to you most of the time on The Division 2 Capacitor build.

You will also get 1% weapon damage, 1% skill efficiency, and 0.1% armor regeneration. This will stack up to 30 times. At max stacks, you will have 30% weapon damage, 30% skill efficiency and, 3% armor regeneration. This stacks for 300 seconds (5 minutes). The long-term buff of Kill Confirmed will increase your weapon damage, skill damage, and survivability.


Specialization (Technician)

Technician specialization is important for this build. Using it will give you one skill tier, 10% skill damage, protection against distribution when you or your teammates are closer to the skill. Technician specialization will increase the effectiveness of the build while also help in increasing the skill and weapon damage. The skill tier of Technician will enable you to use one red core while still having tier 6 skills.


Assault rifles and Rifles perform best with The Capacitor build. The Division 2 hybrid build focuses on increasing both skill and weapon damage. Capacitor performs better with it than any other weapon. With Capacitor, you can get damage from both skill cores and weapon cores. As a secondary weapon, you can use any Rifle with In Sync. However, Harmony is Preferable since it has Perfectly In Sync.


Capacitor is the only weapon in the game that gets damage from both weapon damage core and skill cores. Each skill core gives it 7.5% weapon damage. The Division 2 hybrid build has 6 skill cores and 2 weapon damage cores. So the Capacitor will be getting 45% damage from the skill core alone. With the help of two red cores, the damage will increase even further.


The talent of Capacitor also plays an important part in The Capacitor build. It can increase the skill damage by 60% at max stacks. Shooting enemies will grant you 1.5% skill damage that can stack up to 40 times. So landing 40 shots will grant you 60% weapon damage. You will lose a stack per second if you are not shooting enemies. So as long as you are hitting enemies then you can keep up the stacks.



The skills that you should use with this build are the Assault Turret and Striker Drone. Both of these skills do consistent damage which is important for The Division 2 hybrid build. There is not much skill haste on the build so other skills won’t perform that well. Assault Turret and Striker Drone can keep two enemies engaged enabling the weapon to engage a third enemy. With The Capacitor build their damage will increase the more you shoot and kill.

The Division 2 Hybrid Build

How to Make The Division 2 Capacitor Build?

To make The Division 2 hybrid build you would need the pieces mentioned above. Use critical hit chance, and skill damage sub-attribute on all of the sub cores. Take your critical hit chance up to 50% since 60% is the cap value. If you have some spare sub-core use critical hit damage instead of critical hit chance once you achieve 50% or more critical hit chance. Use critical hit chance and critical hit damage mods on all of the mod slots. Deepening on your need you can use critical hit chance mods or critical hit damage mods. After doing all this use the pieces mentioned above and you will get The Capacitor Build. Keep in mind that this is a PVE build.

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