Destiny 2 Best Warlock Exotics (Armor Pieces)

Destiny 2 Best Warlock Exotics (Armor Pieces)

Every guardian has different types of armor pieces, Destiny 2 best warlock exotics are some of the best armor pieces that the game has to offer. Warlock has some of the best exotic pieces that work quite well with all of its abilities. Gear pieces of Warlock can increase the damage or reduce the cooldown time of abilities. Some exotic pieces give more protection or increase damage while other changes how an ability works. All exotic pieces are not equally good because some are better than others. The performance of an Exotic piece also depends on the build. An exotic piece might work well with some builds but becomes useless with another type of build. Below is the list of 10 Destiny 2 Best Warlock Exotics.

1. Nezarec’s Sin

It is an exotic piece that relays on void damage to reduce the cool. Killing enemies with void damage will activate the Abyssal Extractors trait of Nezarec’s Sin. While Abyssal Extractors is active, you will gain increased ability regeneration. Each enemy adds 2 seconds to the trait. A single kill will only activate it for 2 seconds. Unlike other exotic pieces, it does not matter if you do void damage with weapons or abilities. The trait will activate as long as you are killing enemies with void damage.

It does not matter if you are doing Void weapon or skill damage. As long as the damage is void, it will work. Using it with void sub-class and void weapons will help a lot in decreasing the cooldown time of all abilities, including super. Nezarec’s Sin is among the 10 Destiny 2 best warlock exotics due to its versatility with void damage.

2. Eye of Another World

Eye of Another World is one of the most versatile exotic pieces in Destiny 2. It does not have any conditions to activate the trait. All you have to do is equip it and it will start working. Equipping it reduces the cooldown time of your grenade, melee, and class ability. The cooldown buff that it provides increases the lower your stats are for that ability. Eye of Another World can work with all sub-classes.

3. Crown of Tempests

It works similar to Nezarec’s Sin but weapon damage does not activate its trait. Every time you an kill enemy with arc ability, it will activate the Conduction Tines trait. While the Conduction Tines trait is active, you will regain all ability energy. Killing an enemy while arc super is active, will increase its duration. It will only work with the Arc sub-class since it requires arc ability kill for activation. The buff it provides is quite good and can grant you abilities back in a couple of seconds.

4. Contraverse Hold

It can help you throw unlimited grenades. You can get your grenade back as soon as you throw it while using  Contraverse Hold. It is one of the Destiny 2 best warlock exotics and it is quite powerful when used properly. Damaging enemies with your charged grenade will grant you grenade energy. Damaging more than three enemies will grant you all of your grenade energy. You will take less damage while charging the grenade making it safer to throw grenades. With the new Void 3.0, Contraverse Hold has become even more powerful.

5. Osmiomancy Gloves

One of the best exotic for Warlock stasis sub-class. It can help you throw multiple Coldsnap grenades. You will gain two Coldsnap grenade charges and they will have better tracking. Seekers of Coldsnap grenades will travel far to freeze enemies. Osmiomancy Gloves will grant you grenade ability upon hitting enemies and freezing enemies. It can instantly give you grenades if you hit enemies with grenades directly. Osmiomancy Gloves is Destiny 2 best warlock exotics for stasis.

6. Boots of The Assembler

Boots of The Assembler is one of the best exotic pieces for support builds. It can help you heal or empower allies even if they are not standing in your rift. Casting rift will spawn noble seekers. These seekers will heal allies so your allies will not need to stay in the rift. Casting empowering rift will spawn noble seekers that will increase the weapon damage of your allies. Standing in the rift will also slightly increase its duration. Boots of The Assembler can turn you into an ultimate support pillar. It works quite well with the solar sub-class. Pairing it with Lumina exotic hand canon can make it even more powerful.

7. Verity’s Brow

It can reduce the cooldown time of grenades and increase their damage. At max stack, it can increase your grenade damage by more than twice. Killing enemies with weapon damage having matching energy type as your subclass will activate the Death  Throes trait. While Death Throes is active, you will have increased grenade damage and recharge. It lasts for seconds, kills will reset the time and add a stack to it. The buff can stack up to five times which increases recharge rate and damage by more than 100%. Verity’s Brow can be Destiny 2 best warlock exotics for you with the proper build. Throwing a grenade while Death Throes is active and you are near allies will increase their grenade regeneration as well.

8. Vesper of Radius

It is one of the best Warlock exotic to ad clear on low-tier content. With the right build, Vesper of Radius can help you take down all the enemies surrounding you. It will not only help you regain rift quickly but also let you do damage just by casting your rift. Casting rift unleashes an arc shock wave that damages nearby enemies. Your rift will recharge faster when surrounded by enemies. Depending on the number of surrounding enemies, you can cast more than five rifts on top of each other at max regeneration.

9. Necrotic Grip

Damaging enemies with melee poisons enemies that deal damage over time. Killing the poisoned enemies will spread the poison to nearby enemies. Necrotic Grip can help you damage multiple enemies which work quite well for crowd control. Paring it with Osteo Striga or Thorn can make it one of the Destiny 2 best warlock exotics. While using it with Osteo Striga or Thorn, all you have to do is shoot and the Grasp of the Devourer trait will activate which will envenom enemies with poison.

10. Mantle of Battle Harmony

Mantle of Battle Harmony can be a good choice if you are using a lot of super energy. It will grant super energy when you kill enemies using a weapon having matching energy with your sub-class. Mantle of Battle Harmony works quite well when used with Ager’s Scepter build. While your super energy is full, you will have increased damage for the weapon having matching energy as your sub-class. The extra damage on super fill will only last for 10 seconds. If you need a lot of super energy, Mantle of Battle Harmony is the way to go.


Warlock has a lot of good Exotic armor pieces. Their performance can vary, depending on the build and play style of the character. An exotic piece can be good for one player but average for another due to the difference in playstyle. My personal choice was also involved while making the list. Most of the Destiny 2 Best warlock exotics list are considered best universally.  A few of them are my personal favorite which can be considered bad by readers. The list got you covered on most of the best warlock exotic armor pieces.

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