Is Gran Turismo 7 Game Worth it Gameplay Review

Is Gran Turismo 7 Game Worth it? Gameplay Review

Gran Turismo 7 game is different than standard racing games. It is a racing simulation game that focuses on reality rather than intense action-packed racing. The game leans more towards the realistic side of driving cars. There are no cool jumps in the desert or action-packed races on busy roads. It is about cars on the racecourse that needs to be driven perfectly. The game is more about realism than action-packed racing sequences. It can be considered old-fashioned and simple by some, given its nature. There is career racing on the map which requires grinding. It is massive when it comes to the amount of content that it offers.

Graphically it looks good and it is one of the best-looking games on the PlayStation 5. The tracks are good and the cars are detailed. The main focus of the game is cars. It offers a lot of customization, tuning, collection, and races. It is a sim-style racing with realistic races so do not expect cool stuff from it. Gran Turismo 7 game retains the essence of the series that makes it feel like a continuation of the series. It does not add things that make it look like a different kind of racing series. The sim-style racing and realistic cars are the core of its gameplay.


Gran Turismo 7 game does not have a story-driven narrative but it does have a campaign that needs to be progressed. You need to grind by completing races, winning, and then collecting cars. The introduction is long so you would need to play for a few hours before multiplayer and other stuff unlocks. The Café menu is one of the main sources to get tasks. Go to a Café, get a task and then complete it. These tasks seem more like bounties. Completing these tasks will unlock more races and maps.

The system works fine even though it is simple and repetitive. Completing it will also give you an overview of certain cars. It is good for car lovers as there is a complete history with actual footage of cars. Aside from the complete history of certain cars, each vehicle has listings and a little bit of history. It even provides a link to the official website of each vehicle. There is a lot of cool car enthusiast stuff in the game.

Characters will talk to you about cars, they will tell you what to do next and progress the game. They are just images talking to you with text appearing on screen if subtitles are on. So, do not expect cool cinematics and cut scenes. The core gameplay and racing are fun but the narrative is boring. It is outdated and the story is just there to support the existence of the single-player mode.


It does not offer amazing landscapes as the races take place on tracks. There are a lot of racing options from simple arcades to long races with lots of laps. Racing on the race track is realistic and does not feel exaggerated. The weather is dynamic with rain, snow, and things like that. There are different times of the day so you can expect to race in different situations.

The first Café will get you three cars along with the history of cars and everything. As you progress and unlock more cars, their history will be revealed to you. You can do many types of races. Different choices will be available to you, such as changing the weather, time, assistance, and thing like that. Gran Turismo 7 game wants you to approach the races at your own pace. You can adjust the spec sheet of each car if have the parts for it.

Race to the Tracks

Gran Turismo 7 game is different than other racing games so do not expect unrealistic action-packed races. The gameplay requires more precision and it is not all about going at full speed. You have to keep an eye on the track and do something other than going full throttle. Racing is challenging and it has a realistic sense of speed. The main focus is cars, tuning, racing, and collecting cars are the goals.

There is a license training system, it shows you the basics to get you started on the game. They act as both tutorials and mini-challenges similar to the pits of Horizon Forbidden West. Arcade is the way to go as it let you play the game without much hassle. You have the option of arcade racing in every area of the game. One of the best modes is the one with the music. Each checkpoint will add time and you would need to drive to the beat. Your song is the time limit and checkpoints will add new beats to it. The mode is similar to the elimination mode but the addition of music beats adds a new aspect to it.

General Gameplay

It is different than other racing games in a lot of aspects. The music of the game is good and it is different than other racing games as it is not as loud. Music is the fusion of classic and modern music. There are some licensed tracks that you can hear during races.

The game looks great visually and the interiors of the cars are detailed. Reflections look good and the effects of windshield reflection from the hood are quite decent. Everything is modeled in detail with a good environment and textures. There are a lot of details especially the lights during rain which makes it look gorgeous in rain.  As you play the game, you might turn off more assists. Turning off assists will grant you more options and freedom to drive the way you want. It is good for both enthusiasts and casual drivers. Driving can feel slippery and it might feel like a boat without proper training. It feels good once you get the hang of it.


There are microtransactions in the game and it relies heavily on microtransactions. Gran Turismo 7 game requires you to spend real money to buy in-game currency. You can use the in-game currency to buy more cars. You can also earn currency but it is a painstakingly time-consuming process. Buying the in-game currency is easier and the currency is expensive. The game will always present an option for you to buy currency from the PS Store. It’s like developers are desperately trying to sell you the currency by showing it to you even when it is not needed.


You will have a few cars in the beginning but will unlock more as you progress. Each car is unique and the history that the game provides about them makes them feel even better. Driving cars is realistic and you would need to maintain them. As the car mile goes up you would need to change its oil. You have to wash cars and stuff like that to keep them looking good.

Racing is fun but so is looking at different parts of cars. Cars are detailed and you can take a closer look at their details if you want to. You can tweak cars, fine-tune them, customize suspension, customize computerized things, and stuff like that. There is no car damage which is a bummer since everything else is realistic. No matter how hard you hit a car, its shape will not change. It feels bad since nearly all new racing games have car damage.

Graphically, Gran Turismo 7 game looks good as cars are detailed with good lighting and reflections. It looks good and realistic from cars to racing tracks and everything else. Ray tracing is not part of the game and it will only activate during cut scenes. It has a good performance on the PS5 with amazing audio. So the game will not disappoint you in terms of how it looks and sounds.


The game works well with the DualSense controller. You can feel the road through haptic feedback. Curve side and hitting side bumper can be felt through the controller. Acceleration and brake add tension to triggers while shifting gear can also be felt through the controller. Tension can also vary depending on the car you are driving. There are a lot of assistance options and you can adjust them to your liking. The choice of adjusting the assistance adds a lot of fun to the game.

There is gyro scoping steering and it works well with haptic feedback. The addition of tension to the triggers makes it even better. It does not lose tracking and has support for a large number of wheels. There are three different levels of driving which include easy, normal, and hard mode. Car prices can change as they are dynamic in Gran Turismo 7 game. There are also a lot of tuning parts that can help you customize all the cars.

3D audio works quite well with driving especially when vehicles are close. You can notice the engine revving behind you, tires screeching, interior audio and everything else works well with 3D audio. You have the choice to adjust the sound of tires, revving of the engine, transmission, and stuff like that. Every car has a different sound and the entire audio scape of a car can change. Vehicular sounds are good which can make music an afterthought.


Multiplayer is a major part of the game and it is humble in terms of gameplay. Once the online mode unlocks, you can register for high-tier events. These events will take place at a specific time and will include all the players that have registered for them. High-tier events are good additions to the multiplayer and add challenge to it. There are possibilities in multiplayer but the game is straightforward with not too much stuff.

It can be the best experience depending on the type of race you are looking for. The series always had that and Gran Turismo 7 game is taking it to the next level. You need a constant connection to the internet even while playing single-player mode. It needs a better menu management system as there are a lot of menu pages and screens to look through.


Gran Turismo 7 game is different than a standard racing game in many ways. Some of these differences are good and some are bad. It is a good sim racing game for quite some time. The series has always prided itself upon realistic racing. Gran Turismo 7 is not only a continuation of it but also improves upon many concepts. It introduces single-player mode in a new light that was not part of the series. Customization and details of cars have also improved a lot. The core gameplay and graphics are also quite good for the type of game it is.

Multiplayer is one of the major aspects of the game. It introduces a lot of new stuff to the series but heavy reliance on microtransactions and the always-online requirement make it feel bad. It has the concept of pay-to-win as you can buy cars with real money without working towards them. Despite its shortcomings, the game still provides a good playtime. If you are looking for a racing simulation on the PlayStation 5, Gran Turismo 7 is the best answer.

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