Is Hot Wheels Unleashed Game Worth It Review

Is Hot Wheels Unleashed Game Worth It? Review

Hot wheels unleashed game is the latest installment in the hot wheels game franchise. This game like its predecessor takes on the concept of toy car racing. It pits the player in a deadly loop of racing while providing great details of cars, tracks, and environment.

Despite being one of the best arcade games available, hot wheels unleashed has some shortcomings. There are some great things about it and some not-so-nice things. The game has its ups and downs but it pulls through in providing that authentic Hot Wheels experience. It is one of the good Hot Wheels games in a long time.


Like any other arcade racer, the hot wheels unleashed game starts with a single-player campaign known as “Rumble mode” while offering you the opportunity to play multiplayer or even join or create a room with your friends.

This toy car racing game has introduced some of the finest cars like their very own Bone Shaker, Dodge Deora, Batmobile, and even DeLorean from the iconic film Back to the future.

When it comes to driving, hot wheels unleashed also take the cake because it gives you the thrill you need when driving those plastic toy cars.

The environment consists of several user-customizable bendy tracks along with gigantic balls and boom boxes lying here and there. The music also sounds appealing and matches the rocking environment and vibe of arcade racing, making you go boom.


At the start, the hot wheels unleashed game provides you with a single-player campaign that needs to be played in order to unlock more content. With every level of campaign you beat, you get coins that are used for unlocking more aesthetic cars or upgrading the existing ones.

You are given three randomly chosen cars and a limited number of racetracks at the start of the campaign. However, as you progress further into the game, you are provided with time trials, secrets, short races, and even boss battles.

There is a total of five boss battles available for you. The boss battles are there so that the user doesn’t get bored of finishing one level after another. It makes the gameplay quite exciting and amazing.

Details in the Game

The details provided in the hot wheels unleashed game are quite praiseworthy. Although the game is not too graphics demanding, still the details that can be seen on the cars are pretty decent. It’s just as they are out of the box.

The details are so great that it’s really hard to notice any difference between the in-game cars and their real-life counterparts. Details as little as the model name, paint linings, and production year, etc., are easily visible on the cars.

The greatness of details present in the game is what makes it truly immersive for the player, especially for a person who is a die-hard fan of hot wheels and would have loved to see their favorite car on the big screen. This is what makes the game so enjoyable to play.

Cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed Game

When it comes to cool cars, the game has no shortage of them. What’s more, the video games provide you with ample ways of getting your hands on new cars and sometimes give out cars freely.

The most common way of getting new cars is through blind boxes, doing secret quests in the campaign, unlocking through coins, or through limited-time deals in the game shop. If you get a duplicate car, you can easily trade them with coins or materials.

Each car is upgradeable and can be upgraded through coins earned during the missions; however, if you want to get your hands on some maxed-out stats cars like the infamous DeLorean, you need to be a bit extra lucky.

Like every other vehicle, licensed vehicles can also be found through blind boxes. These licensed vehicles differ in stats and rarity from other hot wheels originals.

Driving in Hot Wheels Unleashed Game

The driving in this video game is quite simple yet enjoyable. Only three buttons are used for driving a vehicle. One is the brake pedal, the other is the gas pedal, and the last is the boost button. Drifting in this game can be done by mastering the brake pedal.

The boost button is used to provide a temporary speed boost to the vehicle. Lighter vehicles are more difficult to control than heavier vehicles like trucks. However, when it comes to driving, both are enjoyable.


The tracks in hot wheels unleashed are great. A combination of curviness and twistedness can be best used to describe the amazing design of tracks featured in this video game. Most of them share the same nostalgic color of hot wheels, i.e., orange and a few others also.

Track Editor

The track editor feature is what sets the heart ablaze of many hot wheels fans. As the name suggests, the editor allows you to customize your track from A to Z fully. You can decide how tilted a track should be or how curved. Similarly, you have the power to increase, decrease the length, and change the position of the tracks as you want.

Although difficult to grasp, once you understand how this editor works, you will be the King or Queen of your very own racing kingdom.

One moment you will be sliding across these beautifully designed orange tracks, and the next moment you will be racing in the T-rex mouth. This is the beauty of this game. It is what sets this game apart from other arcade racers.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Game: Races & Maps

The shortage of maps is a bit disappointing. There are only six maps available, which are also quite repetitive. Moreover, the overall race is quite short. These maps only run from a point to another or a course of only three laps. Greater number of laps would have been much better for an interesting racing experience.

However, to compensate for the lack of more exciting events, Milestone’s developers have crafted those six maps so well that they boost the user’s gaming experience. The addition of small things like deadly shortcuts, loops, crazy paths, obstacles, jumps, and boosts, etc., has all drastically increased the overall racing experience of the game.

Obstacles in the Game

Like any other car racing game, the hot wheels unleashed game also provides obstacles in the map that hinders your or another’s car from moving forward. The most common obstacles used in the game are in the form of the spider and the air fans.

The spider looms over the track and shoots webs that hinder the car from moving forward for some time. Similarly, the fan is used to blow out the cars from the track.

However, these obstacles aren’t used a lot in the game, and the shortness of obstacles in the game can be taken as a negative factor of the hot wheels game.

Set Pieces

Set pieces are the interactive items in the hot wheels unleashed game. Like obstacles, they do not cause hindrance in the game but serve as a means of increasing the game’s visual quality.

Some examples of the set pieces are the dinosaur’s mouth track and the parking space that is available in the video game. However, like obstacles, set pieces are also lacking in terms of quantity.

Shortage of set pieces and obstacles tells us that the game is lacking when it comes to maintaining the visual appeal.

The Environment of the Game

The environment seen in the hot wheels game is nothing less than impeccable. When it comes to details of the environment, developers have done a really great job. Details like the clouds covering the cityscape are an example of great environmental details.

Moreover, the constant shining of the light from various parts of the environment also speaks for itself. The lighting adds to the car’s aesthetic appeal and makes the whole gaming experience more interesting and captivating.

Multiplayer Feature

 To be honest, the multiplayer feature of the game is quite good. There are both the possibilities of either creating a room or joining the random matchmaking. However, for an enjoyable online race a good internet is also required.

What’s more, in multiplayer, you have the option to choose from five racetracks. Two are custom-made tracks, while three are prebuilt tracks. The decision is made through voting. In this way, you get to enjoy and race on newer tracks in every other match.

However, the multiplayer game does not support any league or ranking system. The league or ranking system could have made the multiplayer game more fun, interactive, and competitive.


Like any other game available, hot wheels unleashed is not perfect. It has its flaws, like the scarcity of obstacles and other visual pieces. However, these minor flaws cannot undermine the overall gaming experience of this beautifully crafted toy car racing game.

The details are unique, the visuals are too good, the gameplay is smooth, the art is pleasing, and most importantly, the experience is worthwhile. So, if you haven’t played this gem of a game before, now would be the time.

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