Is Exoprimal Worth it? Review

Is Exoprimal Worth it? Review

Exoprimal is a five-player PVE and PVP 3rd person shooter that has some weird things going on. It is a multiplayer experience by Capcom which is known for some great games. Exoprimal is a strange take of the developers into the realm of multiplayer games.

It is a complete standalone multiplayer game which is something new for Capcom. The game is kind of an unexpected bomb that just dropped with not much hype to it. There are a lot of things going on with the game for better or worse. One has to research a little about it to know what’s going on.

From the moment you start playing it a few things will become evident. Exoprimal feels like a mix-up of different online games. From hero shooters to looter shooters, it takes inspiration from a wide spectrum of games. The use of Exo Suites and different classes makes it similar to Anthem and Overwatch in a lot of aspects.

It takes some time for players to know what the game is about. From its bizarre setting to the combination of its PVP and PVE aspects, all need some explaining. All this makes you wonder “Is Exoprimal worth it?” Let’s find out.

The Content

At launch, there is only a single game mode in Exoprimal called Dino Survival. In that mode, two teams of five players run through different levels, fight dinosaurs, and complete objectives. Objectives revolve around defending something or killing a certain number of dinosaurs. The enemy team will be doing the same thing. The match is about finishing first. The first team to reach the final objective will have a head start. Up until the final objectives, there is no interaction between the two teams.

The final objective takes place on a single map for both teams. There are two types of final objectives. One revolves around escorting moving data core while also defending it from both dinosaurs and enemy teams. The second type of final objective is a more difficult version of the standard objective. It will have larger dinosaurs and more intense combat. A match can last from 10 to 15 minutes. There is only a single game mode and more are on the way but I highly doubt that the game will survive for long.

The PVP Experience

The two teams only meet each other at the end of a match which reduces the length of PVP encounters. There is one game mode and even in that mode enemies become a threat at the end of the match. Even though certain types of encounters are more competitive than others, it is always about killing hordes of dinosaurs.

I mean I get it that it is a game about dinosaurs but adding something extra could have been better. I don’t know why I expected Dino Crisis like experience from Exoprimal but it was for good reason since that is a Capcom game as well.  Speaking of Dino Crisis, that game needs a remake.

Back to the topic, the last part of a match means more than all the other encounters combined. No matter how badly you performed, if you end up winning the last encounter then you will win the match. It does not feel good since it takes away the importance of all other encounters. It makes the rest of the encounter feel like a waste of time and useless.

There is also the option of controlling dinosaurs in Exoprimal. In the final encounter, players on a team will have the chance of grabbing an item called Dominators. Whoever in the team grabs it will have the ability to control one of the three big Dinosaurs.

The team that was slower in the other encounter will get it first and that team will always use it in narrow areas. The second team will always use it at the choke point near the end. This is the case in nearly 90% of the encounters. Since there are limited maps, players will quickly figure out the choke points and narrow areas. It is a fun mechanic that gets old quickly.

The Heat Dies Down Quickly

It does not take long for Exoprimal to feel repetitive mainly due to the limitation of maps. There are only a few maps and you will quickly cycle between different maps over and over. You will quickly memorize paths of different maps and it will feel like the maps has not much to show.


Exoprimal is a fast-paced game with enough things going on in the battle. Players need to be aware of their moves and the result of their actions quickly becomes evident. Your main weapon is a cannon that does direct damage and your secondary weapon is called a rig that is used for more powerful attacks. Depending on the playstyle and exo suites, the performance of players can vary. You will have abilities with cooldowns. Most small enemies can be easily taken down

Teamwork is important and the composition of your team can have a major impact on gameplay. Teams with Healer, Tanks, and Assault usually perform better than teams with not much diversity. A tank can open up space with heavy shots which gives assault the opportunity to do powerful attacks. The healer will heal and support while others defend and attack.


There is not a lot of customization such as build crafting or load-out making in Exoprimal. Your Exo Suits will do what it does and that’s it. You can change the looks of suits but that’s about it. The only place where the game offer upgrades are the modules. These are mods that give passive bonuses. Modules can be upgraded but their impact is minimal at best. However, the stat increase that they offer gives some sort of advantage to higher-level players despite having a minimal effect.


Players can pick one of the three classes in Exoprimal. It includes Assault, Tank, and Support. Each class has its own mechanics and playstyle. The Assault class has more long-range and short-range damage. Tanks can take a lot of damage deploy shields and draw enemy attention. Support class provides rebuffs and acts as a healer of the team. Exo suites are easy to understand as there are not many complications. The inclusion of different classes makes it a good hero shooter-type game.

At release, there are 10 different Exo Suites each different than the other. They are all fun to play with. Each suite has multiple powers and an ultimate attack. Ultimate attacks work well when fighting big dinosaurs or enemy players. Some attacks are more effective than others. Players will see the impact of their attacks which makes it easy to strategize. The composition of the team matters and players can swap their suite and class whenever they want even in mid-match.


There is a story and the game goes all in on it. I usually include the story in the beginning but this is different. Stick with me and you know what it means. When you load the game it will give you information about the situation. It describes how exo fighters are defending the world against the hordes of dinosaurs falling from portals. You will create your character in Exoprimal.

Then it shifts to a rouge AI named Leviathan who is trapping you along with other exo fighters from other dimensions and time. Exo warriors are stuck in war games which explains the matches that are taking place. Portals and dimensions are two different topics that the game combines to make sense of what is happening.

As you play more matches new stories and cut scenes will unlock. Eventually, you get access to an analysis map where you can read notes and go through clues and solve mysteries. Most of the cut scenes are static images with someone reading the description. The inclusion of such cut scenes makes them nothing more than fillers. The story has twists and turns but it might not make sense for most of us.

Keep in mind, Exoprimal does not have any story mode or a single-player mode. You just have to play matches to unlock new cut scenes and progress the story. This brings us to the question “Why is there so much story if there is no story mode?” The story is bizarre and it does not fit well with the type of game it is. At times, it feels like the story is getting in the way of matches. It feels like there were other plans but then developers just released what they had at that time.


Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room, Monetization. There is no shortage of microtransactions from loot boxes to purchasable costumes. There is a premium Battle Pass, loot boxes, war chests, and purchasable cosmetics. The game has such a heavy amount of monetization that it puts some free-to-play online games to shame.

There is even an option to pay and skip levels! so you can unlock all 10 exo suites. In a sense, there is a pay-to-win angle to the game. I mean it is a $60 game then, why do we have to pay for everything? Most of the cool cosmetics are locked behind microtransactions. Some cosmetics are purchasable through in-game currency. However, that currency is hard to get since you only get it from the global ranking.

It feels like the developers just put as many microtransactions as possible in hopes that some players with spend real money on it. Based on where the Exoprimal is, I would not be surprised if the game stop getting updates after a couple of months. Developers will be like “We earned as much as we could so let’s pack our bags and go” I think the game’s future is grim.


Exoprimal has solid gameplay that has the potential of being better. There is fun to be had when you start a match. Things never get one-sided as both teams face an equal number of hurdles. However, the limited variety of gameplay modes and maps leaves much to be desired. The lack of content is one of the main reasons that the game gets repetitive quickly. Despite being a full-price game, the limitation of content makes it seem more like a free-to-play game.

The sad part is that the game knows what it is but does not go all in on it. At launch, it is not good enough as there is not enough stuff to keep players engaged. It is a game that is hard to recommend in its current stage. The insane amount of monetization works as salt in the wound.

I can’t seem to shake off the Anthem-type feeling that Exoprimal gives me. There are so many similarities in the worse parts of the two games. I don’t think it is going to have developer support after a year. It is the type of game that comes and fades off before it even has a chance to make an impact. Game Pass could be the best way to get the game or buy it if you are getting it dirt cheap on a discount.

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