Arc Hunter Build Destiny 2 (The One Punch Man)

Arc Hunter Build Destiny 2 (The One Punch Man)

Arc Hunter Build Destiny 2 is one of the most powerful builds for Hunter that lets you decimate enemies all around. It is a melee-focused build that lets you do an insane amount of damage in a short time. The build uses arc melee and stacks the melee damage with each kill to increase the damage. Melee kill will not only make you invisible but also give you all your health back. In short, Arc Hunter Build Destiny 2 is a melee-focused build with an insane amount of damage and survivability.

Stats for Hunter Arc Build

The most important stats for the Arc Hunter build Destiny 2 are resilience and discipline. Having high resilience will let you take more damage. It will increase your survivability to a great degree so try to max it out. High discipline will let you throw grenades more often which will increase the overall damage output for the Destiny 2 Hunter arc build.

Mobility should be your third most important stat. Unlike other hunter builds, mobility is not as important. Every time you defeat an enemy with melee, you are going to get your class ability back which makes mobility obsolete. However, high mobility will give you more agility.

Exotic Armor (Assassin’s Cowl)

Assassin’s Cowl is the choice of exotic for the Arc hunter build Destiny 2. It has a Vanishing Execution trait. Defeating an enemy with the melee ability or finisher will make you invisible and restore a portion of your health. The amount of health and invisibility time you get will depend on the type of enemy you defeat. So, the more powerful the enemy the more will be your visibility duration and health gain.

The health gained from Assassin’s Cowl and Combination Blow melee will combine with Combination Blow which will give you all your health back. Combination Blow will stack with each kill which will increase your melee damage enabling you to kill powerful enemies. One-Two Punch shotgun trait will increase this damage even further. Kills with Combination Blow will also restore your class ability, enabling you to keep the stacks consistently.

Destiny 2 Hunter Assassins Cowl


All the mods increase the overall efficiency of the Arc Hunter Build Destiny 2.


Mods on the helmet will let you gain super energy through melee kills and grant shotgun ammo.

Hands-On (3 Energy)

Defeating an enemy with a melee ability will give you super energy. Since you will constantly be defeating enemies with melee it will help you gain super quickly.

Special Ammo Finder (3 Energy)

Special Ammo Finder is an important part of the Arc Hunter build Destiny 2. Since you will need to use a One-Two Punch shotgun, so having ammo for it is important.


Gauntlets mods will create orbs of power that you can pick up to activate other mods.

Heavy Handed (3 Energy)

Whenever you defeat an enemy with melee ability, you will create an orb of power. Picking up these orbs of power will activate other mods to increase the weapon damage.

Firepower (3 Energy)

Defeating an enemy with grenade ability will create an orb of power.

Impact Induction (2 Energy)

Impact Induction mod will grant you grenade energy whenever you damage an enemy with melee ability. Only use Impact Induction if you have the energy for it.

Chest Armor

Chest mods are up to you and you can use any mod you see fit. However, using ammo reserve mods for your shotgun will increase the amount of ammo you can carry with Arc Hunter build Destiny 2.


Mods on boots increase your weapon damage.

Weapon Surge Mods (3 Energy)

Collecting an orb of power will grant you armor charges and weapon surge mods will use these charges to increase damage. Use a weapon surge that matches the energy of your shotgun. Doing so will increase the damage of your shotgun, making it easier to defeat enemies with melee due to more damage from the shotgun. If you are using a Kinetic shotgun then use Kinetic Weapon Surge and so on. Use two Weapon Surge mods for more weapon damage.

Recuperation (1 Energy)

Picking up an orb of power will replenish some of your health. It will help you heal when you are not finishing off and defeating enemies with melee.

Class Item (Hunter Cloak)

All the mods on class items support other aspects of the Arc Hunter build Destiny 2 and make it more powerful.

Time Dilation (3 Energy)

Decaying armor charges will have increased duration. Meaning that each charge of your weapon Surge mods will last for a longer duration.

Reaper (3 Energy)

Defeating an enemy with a weapon after using class ability (dodge) will create an orb of power.

Bomber (1 Energy)

Using class ability will grant you grenade energy. Since you will be dodging a lot, the Bomber mod will help a lot in gaining grenade energy while using arc hunter build Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 Hunter Assassins’s Cowl build uses the arc subclass to rain hell on enemies.

Arc Hunter Build Destiny 2 (The One Punch Man) Details 2


Use any grenade you see fit, however using a Pulse Grenade will let you do more damage.

Class Ability

Gambler’s Dodge is the way to go because it gives you melee back. You will be stacking melee ability which makes Gambler’s Dodge one of the most important part of Arc Hunter build Destiny 2. Kills with Combination Blows will give you class ability energy and using Gambler’s Dodge will give you melee ability.

Destiny 2 Hunter Gamblers Dodge ARC


Combination Blow is the way to go with Destiny 2 Hunter Assassin’s Cowl build. Defeating an enemy with melee ability will increase your melee damage. It stacks up to three times and lasts for 20 seconds. Each kill will reset the timer which helps you keep the damage at maximum stacks. Combination Blow only gets used up when you end up defeating an enemy with it.

Defeating an enemy will give you class ability which you can use to recharge melee. So basically you will have an unlimited supply of dodges and melee ability. Killing an enemy with a Combination blow will grant also health. The health gain ability of Combination Blows will work alongside Assassin’s Cowl for maximum efficiency.

Destiny 2 Hunter Combination Blow


Use either Gathering Storm or Arc Staff as the choice is up to you. Gathering Storm is a one shot super that performs well in harder content. Arc Staff is a roaming super that works well when it comes to ad clearing.

Destiny 2 Hunter Arc StaffDestiny 2 Hunter Gathering Storm


The two aspects increase the melee damage and increase the overall efficiency of the arc hunter build Destiny 2.

Lethal Current

After dodging, your next melee attack has increased lune duration (range), jolts the enemy, and creates an after-shock that does an area of effect damage. Damaging a jolted enemy with melee will blind them. So, every time you use melee after dodging it will have more damage and will blind the enemy. You will constantly be jolting and blinding enemies leaving them unable to attack. It will be much easier for you to take enemies down since they would not be able to fight back.

Destiny 2 Hunter Lethal Current

Flow State

Defeating an enemy affected by the jolting effect will make you amplified. When you are amplified your dodge will recharge quickly. Combination Blow will give you dodge so it doesn’t matter much. You will take reduced damage while dodging which can be important since Assassin’s Cowl Hunter build uses lots of dodges. The reload speed of your weapon is also increased while you are amplified.

Destiny 2 Hunter Flow State


Using proper fragments is an important factor for any build and arc hunter build Destiny 2 is no different. Fragment plays an important part in the proper functionality of a build.

Spark of Resistance

You take less damage when surrounded by enemies. As long as there are 3 or more enemies near you, Spark of Resistance will remain active. It will also give you +10 strength.

Destiny 2 Hunter Spark of Resistance

Spark of Shock

Your arc grenades will now jolt enemies. Jolt is an important part of the arc and Spark of Shock allows you to apply it on demand through grenades. Spark of Shock will also give you a -10 discipline penalty.

Destiny 2 Hunter Spark of Shock

Spark of Ions

Defeating an arc-debuffed jolted enemy will create Ionic Trace. Spark of Ions has 10 seconds cooldown time. So you can only create one Ionic Trace every 10 seconds.

Destiny 2 Hunter Spark of Ions

Spark of Feedback

Receiving melee damage will increase your melee damage output and it lasts for 4 seconds. You will be close to enemies nearly all the time and will be taking melee damage. Spark of Feedback will activate every time you take melee damage. It will also give you +10 resilience.

Destiny 2 Hunter Spark of Feedback

Weapon (One-Two Punch Shotgun)

Make sure that you are using a shotgun with the One-Two Punch trait. Hitting an enemy with every pallet of a shot will increase your melee damage for a short time. Meaning that as long as you damage the enemy with a shotgun from close range it will activate the One- Two Punch trait. One-Two Punch shotgun is an important part o Hunter arc build Destiny 2. It will let you defeat tougher enemies with ease which will lead to the activation of combination Blow. Crafted weapons have Enhanced One-Two Punch trait which is preferable over the normal version.

How to Use Arc Hunter Build Destiny 2?

Use all the gear pieces, modes, fragments, aspects, and weapons. The use of Hunter Assassin’s Cowl build is pretty simple. Defeat an enemy with melee damage to activate Combination Blow melee and once you defeat three enemies without losing stacks, it will reach max stacks.

Hit tougher enemies with a shotgun to activate the One-Two Punch Shotgun trait. Doing so will increase your melee damage which will enable you to defeat nearly all types of enemies with melee ability at max stacks. The combination of Shotgun and melee damage will let you decimate your foes left and right.

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