Is Armored Core 6 Worth It? Review

Is Armored Core 6 Worth It? Review

Armored Core 6 is a return of a legendary mecha series. The series did not see much hype and this new installment might be out of the crosshairs for some players. The series had a dedicated fan base that hoped to see a new entry into the series. It has been more than 10 years since the last Armored Core game’s release. If you are coming at it as a soul-like game since it is a From Software game, then you might see something different. It is a drastic shift for a From Software game. Despite being different it is still an action title with missions-based mecha gameplay.

You will be buying different parts to upgrade the mech also known as Armored Core. Go on missions get paid and do it again. There is no open world or hub area, anything you do is mission-based. Everything you do in between missions is menu-based. Certain missions are longer than others. Armored Core 6 is different than the usual narrative of From Software. It has more video game stuff.

Mech might seem like tanks on legs that are slow but that is not the case. Mechs are fast and the combat of the game heavily relies on movements. Making the right moves will let you decimate foes through close-range or ranged attacks. The movement and combat feel like a cross between Gundam and Knight of Sidonia. All this makes you wonder, is Armored Core 6 worth it? Let’s find out.

Premise (Spoiler Free)

The story really sets the tone for the entire game from the beginning. There is a certain opaqueness with few lines to be spoken. The only memorable name is Walter who is your handler. You are an augmented human that lands on the planet called RUBICON. The game is named after the planet since its complete name is Armored Core 6: Fire of Rubicon. The opening scene is short which sets a vague tone for the game.

You won’t be seeing outside your mech and there are no friendly faces to see as well. The entire story is told through emblems instead of people. Armored Core 6 pushes you into a corporate conflict with almost no information. Such a choice of storytelling can be disorienting at times but it is like that by design. The presentation of the story might be bad for some people.

In the end, you are just a tool of a corporation that will face an enemy who will be your ally in the next mission. The main catalyst of the war is a substance called Coral. Every corporation is fighting to get its hand on Coral. Don’t expect much story and stuff because that is not its focus. The story is vague even for a From Software game. It’s not like players are coming at it as a story-driven game since gameplay is the main focus.

World Design

The world design is really good. It takes place in a war-torn world of a futuristic civilization. The change in levels keeps things fresh. Both mission design and art direction are good which makes things stand out. The atmosphere draws you in and bonds well with the story. Music is good that will suck you in. Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon’s opaque nature offers a throwback to an era in a fun way.

General Gameplay

The gameplay is excellent and that’s where the game exceeds. Armored Core 6 starts from a basic Armored Core (Mech) having a machine gun in one hand, a sword in another, and one weapon on each shoulder. There are tons of variations that you can make to weapons such as using shotguns, machine guns, pistols, or more exotic stuff such as laser weapons and energy weapons.

It is not just a weapon that you can customize as you can customize your mech as well. Its arms, legs, and pretty much every part of it are customizable. Internal parts such as boosters, generator, and targeting system is also customizable. You can’t just strap anything you want to your Mech. There is a weight and energy limit while changing stuff. You have to manage the weight while customizing the character. There is depth to customization.

It does not take long for Armored Core 6 to start throwing weapons, customization, and stuff at you at a rate that you won’t be able to keep up. Customization can drastically change the performance of your Mech. You can make a close-range fighter or a tank that is covered in rocket launchers, laser weapons, or heavy weapons. There are a lot of ways to play based on the customization of mechs. As long as you consider the strength of your mech it will work out.


Combat is hard and that is something one should expect from a From Software game. It is different in terms and looks and gameplay from traditional soul-like games. Armored Core 6 is a game with aspects of a soul-like game while primarily being an action-focused game. It will constantly throw challenges and boss fights at you. Knowing control is the key to mastering the combat.

The most important thing in combat is movement. You have to always be in motion to get on top. Armored Core 6 starts off with a slow-standing Mech before introducing the boost. Once you get access to the boost you will always be using it. There is the option of a quick boost that feels like a dodge. Assault boost lets you move at high speed to get close to enemies. It consumes a lot of energy so you have to use the 4 weapons. Keep an eye on the energy gauge because if it runs out at the wrong time then it can be really bad.

Keeping an eye on so many things can be challenging but once get the rhythm then it can be a lot better. You have three different repair charges that can be refilled halfway through the mission by using a supply drop or just before a boss fight. Longer missions have multiple checkpoints. If you die you will get all of the repair charges. The use of repair charges makes it more forgiving than souls-like games. You can customize your Mech on the go if needed. The ability to change builds on the go can be a lifesaver against bosses.

The Intensity of Combat

In the beginning, Armored Core 6 will shower you with bosses one after another. Bosses can be close-range, long-range, slow, or fast. The ability to swap mid-mission makes it good and more flexible compared to a souls-like game. It is more forgiving than other From Software Games. Tutorials are pretty decent and explain everything in detail which makes understanding the game easier. It shows you how different mech types work and how gameplay functions. Tutorials are short, informative, and helpful.

FCS (aim) is one of the most important things that impacts combat. It is auto and its performance heavily relies on the FCS chip. There are different types of these chips. Some make lock-on better at short range, some medium, or long. Some of them work better with certain weapons like missiles and stuff. There is even the option of using a single character look-on, similar to other From Software games. Camera and lock-on mechanics can be messy in the way it works but it feels good. Close-range weapons and heavy cannons feel powerful against both small enemies and big bosses. Combat is responsive and enemies will always try to take you on.

There is Verity in Combat

There is a combat area in Armored Core 6 known as the Arena. It unlocks shortly after starting the game. Arena is a good place to test builds and take a series of fights against enemy pilots. Arena also unlocks chips that are used to unlock permanent upgrades in the tuning manuals. It will unlock new abilities, increase damage, and stuff like that. Playing in the arena to unlock this stuff is optional but it is a fun feature.

Some features are integrated into your mech such as carrying an extra gun on your back or starting a mission with an overloaded mech. There are a variety of missions and the game mixes up quite a bit of it. Some missions are short and can be ended in a few minutes while others are longer and take way more time. Sometimes you will have allies accompanying you on the missions, there will be stealth units ready to ambush, snipers, or grind in the sky. Armored Core 6 will shake things around to keep things interesting.


Armored Core 6 is a game that focuses on awesome mech combat and it succeeds in doing so. The vague presentation of its story might put some people off but the story is not its focus. It is a game that prides itself on presenting amazing combat. From Software is an evolving studio that is putting out amazing games and Armored Core 6 is the result of that evolution. It is a different release for them but the way the game is approached is quite good.

It is a game that is full of fun missions and amazing bosses. The combination of these factors provides an amazing gameplay experience. The rest of the good things act like a cherry on top. It is all about blowing away enemies in a fantastic way but it is not as intricate as Elden Ring. Don’t expect a long play because it is a solid 20-hour experience. That is good all the way which is a nice change in the era of open-world games.

Its opening might put some people off and it might even feel short. However, the way it is paced, that’s exactly how a mech Armored Core game should be. If you are a Mecha fan or action game fan then this could be worth your time. It is tough but satisfying. In the end, it all depends on what type of player you are and what type of gameplay you like.

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