Is Street Fighter 6 Worth It? Review

Is Street Fighter 6 Worth It? Review

Street Fighter 6 is a fighting game from a long-running series that has solidified its status as a fighting game over the years. It adds stuff here and there which brings something new to the table. The game will immediately hit you with its style and presentation. There is a street punk hip-hop vibe that excites you. From character selection and music to fight introduction all of it excites players for what’s ahead.

It is fun to play and one can jump into it to have fun. Street Fighter 6 adds new mechanics but it is a 2D fighter at its core. The addition of new methods to unleash devastating attacks makes the game more fun. Such an addition change how one approaches combat and does damage through different moves.

Many fighting games do not show you the ins and outs before players can fully commit to the fighting. There is a lot of error and learning before one can get better at fights. Street Fighter 6 trains you in basic and advanced moves, enabling you to learn at a steady pace. All of its concepts work together to provide a welcoming experience to players. It makes you wonder Is Street Fighter 6 worth it? Let’s find out.

Controls and Moves

Street Fighter 6 is welcoming to new players and introduces different control types. These three control types include basic, classic, and modern. Classic is like having control of the old Street Fighter games. It requires pressing different buttons for different moves. Modern controls on the other hand give you access to different moves by holding a button. Modern controls are not all about button mash like classic controls.

You can start from modern control and then shift to classic controls since classic controls give you access to more moves. Starting from one type of control and then evolving to the other is the main thing that makes Street Fighter 6 different than other fighting games. The combination of different controls makes a good deal for both casual and hardcore players.

There are two different meters, one is a regular meter for super and the other meter is for special attacks. Drive Impact are attacks that use the meter that breaks through the block of enemies giving you a quick powerthrough if timed right. The meter can also be used for defensive moves known as Drive Perry. Drive Perry can help replenish the gauge through successful use. The use of a gauge is not just for ending the fight but rather gain an advantage in a match.

Use of Gauge

It is important to use parries and impact to gain an advantage over enemies. It can be a key to win and have to be second nature like other moves. You can burn all of the energy but when you take damage while the meter is empty, it will stun you.

Spending a gauge on a drive attack can leave your opponent for a counter. Drive attacks are slow but they are lethal so you have to know when to use them. Spend the gauge on attacks to make your attacks more effective or counter enemy attacks. There is an emphasis on big flashy moves to take the enemies down in Street Fighter 6.

World Tour

Street Fighter 6 is not just about couch play and online matches as there is a whole adventure in the form of the World Tour. World Tour is the single-player story mode that lets you create your own character and offers a decent amount of options. Once you create your character, you will set out on your journey as a Street Fighter.

The story is not great but it is good enough to keep the game going. You get to meet and train with characters from the series. Every Street Fighter character that appears in World Tour has cool cut scenes and it’s good to see them in such a way.

World Tour is a full-action RPG that gives a complete single-player experience. You can run around in the city similar to Yakuza games. Though the size of the city is small but it does offer activities. You can talk to weird people, manage things on the phone, buy food to regain health and level up. Each area offers exploration even if it feels flat. It is a good experience gameplay wise and you can fight anyone anytime.

As soon as the fight starts the game will shift to 2D fighting mode. Fights are satisfying and every character has a level so there is difficulty. Higher levels of enemies only get more health which is not a good way to increase difficulty. Such difficulty makes it more about endurance. As you fight you will earn money that you can use to change looks. With progress, you will see new areas. The mode is rough but it is enjoyable.

Play and Learn

World Tour offers a fun experience that is fun to grind. It offers something new and also acts as a good tool for teaching. Your character will have basic moves and two special moves in the beginning. As you unlock more moves, the game will give you time to practice these moves. It will show you new techniques and then it will give you enough time to practice new moves of different characters. So World Tour mode offers both single-player gameplay and a place to practice different moves.

General Gameplay

There are plenty of new fighters in the game. Fights are fast, chaotic, and challenging but straightforward. Everything is clear so you will know your fault. Street Fighter 6 will try its best to teach you the ins and out through tutorials, training room, and things that you would expect from a fighting game.

Battle Hub is the online mod of the game that gives you the opportunity to fight. The hub also serves as a multiplayer lobby. You can get into fights with created characters of other players. You can sign up for matches or look at leaderboards. There is the option of changing your character using in-game currency. It makes it more than just a simple lobby.


The combination of different controls and single-player is a good addition to Street Fighter 6. It is welcoming to new players that let you play with both classic and modern control. When you learn something new, it gives you time to practice making it good for both casual and hardcore players of fighting games. The way it is structured gives you both time and confidence to go against other players online.

There are good additions here and there, and the game will immediately hit you with style and presentation. It has the street punk vibe which brings the name Street Fighter to life. The character selection, music, and fight intro all excite you for fights.

The addition of different meters makes combat more exciting which let players think about these special meters while strategizing. The inclusion of the World Tour brings something new to the table. It adds good stuff here and there. Over time, as the fighting game community embraces it the game will change and evolve. If you are looking for a fighting game with good single-player and fun combat Street Fighter 6 might be the game for you.

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