Is God of War Ragnarok Worth it? Review

Is God of War Ragnarok Worth it? Review

God of War Ragnarok is the new installment of the new God of War series. It takes place several years after the events of the first one. The game takes you on a journey across a different world. Players can explore the world at their own pace and can go where they want. Kratos has killed the Gods and it’s time to kill the new Gods. The world is different and so is the relationship between Kratos and Atreus. The relationship is more of a mutual respect than a commanding relationship of father-son.

The world hoping adventure has gotten bigger. It discusses prophecy fate and everything else needed to become a good person. The world is now bigger with bigger multi-regional areas. There are a lot of open areas that need exploration. The game offers a lot of exploration. Players can find new areas to explore and new enemies to take down. There are a lot of collectibles that can be collected while exploring different areas. Developers have added a lot more things to the game making it different than the first one.

Enemies are bigger and have more types that make combat varied. Players will get to fight a wide variety of enemies. There are a lot of mini-boss fights as well. The formulas that made the 2018 GOW such a big deal are here as well. Players will get to experience the world with full freedom. All of this makes you wonder Is God of War Ragnarok worth it? Let’s find out.

Setting (Spoiler Free)

God of War Ragnarok takes place a few years after the events of the first one. Kratos has killed gods and now Ragnarok is coming. The world is now different and the father-son relation between Kratos and Atreus has also improved. It has been turned into a world exploring adventure that gets bigger and bigger. Prophecy, fate, and everything needed to be a good man. It is an action game that has a similar style to the previous game. Even the world’s transversal is the same. It is a multi-regional game instead of a fully open world.

Abilities will open new areas and different guard rails will stop you from going too far. Areas look different from the previous God of War. It is everything you can want, bigger battles, more god fights, a bigger world, a better end game, and an emotionally impactful story. Ragnarok improves in nearly all aspects. The characters are great with good voice acting and casting. Good casting has led to good development of the story.

It is a heartfelt story with good moments. Ragnarok has the same level of enjoyment and good animation. The game act as a good sequel to the original. It will even give you solo missions of Atreus. He has his own companion as well that helps him go around the map. It is a subplot so he is not as strong as Kratos. The interaction between Kratos and Atreus is now different so their relationship has developed.

Journey to Explore

Players have the option to journey around the realm. Everything is different and you will see more of the world. It is not a typical open world but rather a multi-regional one. It is a collection of small open areas that can be explored on demand. You can explore each area and can leave it when you are done with it.

The world of God of War Ragnarok is something between linear and open worlds. It does not overwhelm with an open world and side quests. The fun that it offers through exploration is the actual reward of its exploration. Every encounter can be good which set the stage for a fun adventure.

Quests are good that just don’t seem like a reward. They have good stories that do not feel like fillers. It is not just about bringing a lot of characters but a fun story as well. They are not just fillers that are there to keep players busy. The game is designed in a way that forces players to do all that they are seeing not rush through it. Playing the game slowly and completing the additional stuff will turn it into a better experience.


The combat of the God of War Ragnarok is solid and it feels like an extension of 2018’s GOW. The feel of hits, dynamics of camera angles, animation, and feedback of attacks are decent. You can feel the power of attacks and how much pressure it is putting on enemies. The basic moves of the attacks remain the same as it was in the first game but extra moves have been added to combat. The addition of extra layers of attack and combat has improved the combat of the game.

The timely button press and parrying are all part of the combat. You even have the option of using the rage meter in more than one way. There are different shields for different playstyles. Using a shield that makes you less tanky will increase your maneuverability which will help in combat. Having a lighter shield will give chances to attack from other sides. It adds an extra layer of control on the base attacks.

Allies and Kratos

Allies have abilities to slow down enemies or reduce their damage output. Your allies have more special runic attacks now that can help you take down bosses. Special attacks of allies have a different variation that can slow enemies, buff damage or do damage over time. Such involvement makes them an important part of combat.

You also have an armor loot system that also helps in combat. Players can progress through the amulet system which will help them in the game. Upgrading the amulet reduces the cooldown of its attacks. Using an amulet will give you different buffs, such as doing more damage when health is low. There are a lot of ways to use different equipment and increase your damage or get buffs.

Be Powerful With Weapons

One of the good things that has happened to Kratos is weapons. You will have everything from the beginning as soon as the game start. Blade of Chaos, Defensive Shield, and Spear (a new weapon type). You now have different shields, each shield has its characteristics, some as offensive while others are defensive. Some shields are mixed, so you have different kinds of shields to select from. You can unlock a special move set according to your weapon and shields.

You have the skill tree to unlock new move sets and use them to further improve moves. Every weapon has its part to play in the game. It is not like you get a new weapon and you forget the old one. Blade of Chaos is for crowd control spear and axe for one on one combat. Combat is the combination of lots of different move sets. One can make a lot of different move sets since the game has a good in-depth battle system.

Changes from The First

Combat is solid with attacks that have brute force to them. Swings and moving of the camera add more power to the attacks. The base combat of Kratos remains the same with the added layer of attacks that makes it better. R2 is still the button for a heavy attack. You have more options to use the rage meter in different ways. Shield combat has now been expanded and there are more options to use it. Kratos is slightly quicker than how it was in the previous game.

More Maneuverability has been added to the combat. Atreus and Kratos are quicker than before which adds more freedom to the combat. There is an added layer of control to the combat. Atreus is way more useful and capable than in the first game. Atreus can slow down enemies, add damage buff to attacks and make attackers weaker. You can get buff against bosses and sub bosses which makes it easier to defeat. The game has given a lot of abilities to players to fight enemies.

General Gameplay

Journeying around the world makes everything looks different and unique. The world of God of War Ragnarok is a big mythological world. The world is not completely open but rather semi-open. Each area is a big area that is a collection of small areas. It is a multiregional world. As you progress and explore more areas will unlock. You will have the choice to explore different areas of the world as per your choice. Side quests provide a good story that will keep you engaged.

There is a lot of stuff to be found and some of the stuff can become difficult. The music of the game is good and its visuals are good as well. Generally, the game looks the same but there are changes in environmental design. New realms look great and the music works well with the general feel of the game.


God of War Ragnarok improves upon the formula of the first game. It takes all that made the first game such a great one and presents it in a new light. There are bigger sub-boss battles and more optional enemies to fight. The boss verity makes the sub-boss battle a good addition. There are a lot of sub-bosses aside from big main bosses. There is a lot of stuff to be found and some of it can be quite difficult. The music is good and the visuals are good as well which improves how the game looks compared to the 2018s GOW.

You can complete the game in 20 to 35 hours depending on how much side content you do. The game feels like a successor of the old game without a constant hint of nostalgia. It moves the game close to the old one but not too close to make it a constant reminder of the old one.  The game doubles down on the father-son relationship and shows a new chapter of that relationship. It is a massive game that uses nature to tell the story of Kratos and Atreus.

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