Is Star Wars Jedi Survivor Game Worth it Review

Is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Game Worth it? Review

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the sequel to the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game that brings some decent ideas to the series. It acts as a step up to the original game in most aspects. Jedi: Survivor fully embraces the core idea of the series and does not shy away from showing it. Players who had fun playing the original one will find Jedi: Survivor fun as well. Just don’t expect too much of a souls-like game as souls-like is just a side element. It combines the idea of good storytelling with soul-like elements and exploration.

The game is about more combat, more stuff to do, more exploration, more things to find. It is just an overall bigger and better version of what the original offers. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor feels more like an open adventure than a big souls-like game. The identity from the first is there along with some extra stuff.

It is a follow-up of the original that acts as a good sequel with bigger and better things that it throws more at you at a decent pace. It is not as small as the original and even not as surprising given the fact that it elevates old ideas to new levels. The set pieces are bigger which makes it feel more like a video game than a Star Wars. The moment-to-moment game and taking on the enemies are still fun. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a game that tries to keep a good balance in different aspects hoping to provide an optimum experience.

Story and Setting (Spoiler Free)

The story is better than Fallen Order in many aspects. It takes place a few years after the events of the original. There are some darker topics at hand unlike the original. It seems like the game focuses more on grownup gamers than Juveniles. There is more adultness to the story and the general feel of the game. There are darker themes involved which is a big change from the first game. All the changes in the story and the overall feel of the game, make it feel better.

If you have played the first one then it can help with understanding things better. You will have more knowledge of the characters. There is some cool sci-fi action video game stuff happening. It goes at its own pace to tell the story. In the second half, the story picks up and it starts to show its story-driven narrative.

There is a balance between exploration and combat. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor does not get lost in one aspect of the game and takes everything with balance. Exploration is still a huge element of the game but it still does not feel overwhelming. There is a decent amount of platforming and it is one of the main pillars of exploration. You as a player will keep finding tools that will be used in exploring the environment. Getting certain tools will grant you access to the area that was previously not available.

Some mechanics are reused while others are brand new additions. There is a good balance between exploration and soul-like aspects of the game. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is not an open-world game but rather a multi-regional game. Each planet is a semi-open world setting that offers exploration.


There are secrets to be found and you would need some tools to access the unreachable areas. You can come back to an area if you are missing the tools necessary to reach it. The plot is decently paced which makes you go back and forth between different planets.

You would not need to come back to different areas just to reach the areas that were previously not available. Each time you will have new abilities that will let you go to new places. The game has the feeling of exploration like Elden Ring but not quite on the same level.

Jedi: Survivor goes crazy with platforming since there is a lot of it. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game encourages you to go out of the way and explore. Some hidden areas can even be reached with simple platforming. Exploration gets you stuff for customization, most of which are cosmetics. So, there is not much incentive to go out of the way and find hidden things.


There is character customization but not gear customization. Weapons and gear can only be changed in the way they look. You can change the way your lightsaber, gun, and clothes look. Everything about the gear is all about looks.

Character progression is all about skill points that unlock abilities and passive bonuses. Progressing your character will grant you access to perks that will have an active impact on combat.

Unlocking perks will have an active role in combat such as increasing damage, regenerating force over time, and things like that. Some upgrades are just simply health or force upgrades. There is not much RPGness and it has a story told through action.

All customization is good with some decent options in terms of how it looks. You can change the way your character looks. The hairstyle, facial hair, cloth, and BD all can be changed look-wise. Changing your character into a cool big looking guy or into a guy with a simple dress is all up to you. There are options for upgrade and the game does not shy away from letting you experience them wholeheartedly.


Combat is one of the main focuses of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor but the game does not make it into a pillar of creation like some other games. There is a decent amount of variety in the combat of the game. The game uses different aspects of combat to make the most out of it. It does not go all in Souls-Like idea, it leaves room for exploration and other aspects. If you are coming at it with complete Souls-Like expectations then you are in for a disappointment. It is a balanced combination of story, combat, and exploration.

The combat is extensive with different stances to choose from. You can change the stances of combat while meditating at the bonfire. Meditating at a bonfire works as a checkpoint and will respawn all the enemies similar to checkpoints of souls-like games. You can swap around perks at the bonfire as well. There is a single-blade stance, a double-bladed stance, an extended version of dual wielding, a pistol with a sword stance, and a heavy stance that is slow. All these stances bring verity to combat.

There is not too much expansion of the force power as it remains the same. There are just tweaks here and there in the force, everything remains the same. The use of force remains the same with not many changes. The skill tree, however, is solid with lots of upgrade options. Though there are different stances, move sets on the other hand are not that extensive. Though they are enough the game does not go over the top with them like other things, but combat is satisfying.

General Gameplay

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game has lots of different planets but it takes place on one large open-world planet most of the time. Planets offer a lot of exploration that can immerse you in their details environment.

There is a canteen where you can cash in different items, find new characters, and do other things. The canteen put a good spin on things and introduces new things. The game adds fast travel on bigger maps which makes going around easier.

It can take 20 to 23 hours to be completed on normal difficulty. Higher difficulty can change the amount of time it takes to complete the game. Some of the bosses are difficult to deal with and can be pretty time-consuming. I am not that good with soul-like games so it took more than 24 hours to complete.

There is a New Game Plus mode in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor that lets you bring all the cosmetics and skills that you have unlocked. The new game plus mode lets you come back stronger allowing you to ramp up difficulty at your leisure.

There is the option of limp chopping which can be an asset in combat. Perry feels good with a satisfying effect when you stop an attack. Survivor has enemy types from the first game along with new ones. The game adds overall good stuff that can satisfy the fans of Star Wars.

On console, it has two modes, performance, and fidelity. At performance mod, you get 4K 30 FPS while fidelity mode gives you 60 FPS at lower resolution. I played it on the PlayStation and did not face many performance issues. The PC version is a different story as there are lots of reports regarding game-breaking bugs and overall performance issues.


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a bigger, better version of the first game. There are a lot of new changes in the game that makes them an overall better game. It adds more stances, enemy verity, and overall combat mechanics. There is more platforming and an open world to experience. In a sense, it is a bigger, better, and more extensive version of the Fallen Order.

Despite adding more stuff, the game still tells a good story with story and gameplay going side by side. It keeps a good balance between combat and telling a good story. The game has soul-like elements but still manages to present a story-driven narrative. It has engaging characters with some pretty deep plot points.

Though Jedi: Survivor lacks extensive combat mechanics it still manages to create engaging combat. The world of the game is big with lots of platforming and chances to explore. It lacks proper incentive to explore the world despite having a promising setting. Despite its shortcomings Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game manages to create an engaging world full of penitential. It acts as a good sequel that improves a lot over the original.

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