Is Wild Hearts Game Worth It? Review

Is Wild Hearts Game Worth It? Review

Wild Hearts is a Hunting game where big beats rampage and players have to take them down. It has a classic loop of defeating big monsters then taking loot from them, and crafting weapons and armor using that loot. Then go after stronger enemies and the loop continues. This loop keeps players engaged, enabling them to tackle more difficult challenges. The game introduces some new mechanics that make it different than other such games.

Monster Hunter introduced the genre of hunting monsters and Wild Heart is the new entry in that niche genre. It is a game from the creators of Dynasty Warriors and is being published by EA Games. Some innovations make it more than just a copy of Monster Hunter. The game established its unique identity pretty early with the building system. The Karakuri system is its baggiest innovation for the Monster Hunter genre.

Wild Hearts game has some graphical and performance issues but the core gameplay provides a good experience. The core loop and the fun gameplay go well with each other. Hunting big monsters using building mechanics is the unique aspect of Wild Heart. It does not shy away from fully embracing it.

Plot and Setting

The game has some depth to it. Wild Hearts game with a decent character creation option. Then hunting monsters called Kemono start so the loop begins. Kill monsters, get materials, craft more powerful weapons, and gear, and the loop continues.

There is not much to the story because the story is not even the primary focus of the game. It is a game about hunting monsters called Kamino. Kaminos is the combination of nature and animals. The game takes place in medieval Japan.

You are a hunter who hunts down these rampaging beasts. You will eventually end up in a village. There are no opening cut scenes at the beginning of the game. You will meet some characters who are going to talk to you. They will ask you to kill monsters for them and so on. There is even a mission where you are supposed to stop a big monster from destroying a village.

There are four different regions in the game. You are supposed to collect resources and hunt gigantic monsters that can sometimes be really hard to kill. You can do it either solo or co-op but doing it in the co-op is more fun. Wild Hearts game sticks close to the Monster Hunter formula and does not deviate from it.

Hunting the Monsters

The game introduces a brand new system of hunting Kemono and going about on the map called, Karakuri. This system makes it different than other such games. Karakuri system lets you place a variety of stuff on the ground. The items you place are intractable objects such as boxes, towers, and things like that. You can use them for transversal and they will also increase the strength of your combos. In the open world, you can use Karakuri to set up campsites, place radar systems on the map, and main hunting hubs.

The Karakuri aspect makes it different than other Hunting games. It feels unique and different. It feels like a combination of Fortnite and Death Stranding. The system can help a lot in maps, the village, and even combos. Placing Karakuri will change damage, combo, and even weapon gage.  You can even use this system to place defenses similar to Fortnite. All of it might not look good but it feels great once you get the hang of it. Wild Hearts has a good foundation for the Hunting game.

Combos of Karakuri

There are different ways to combine Karakuri and make combos. Stack three boxes on top of each other and make a platform. Stacking six boxes will create a wall that will stop enemies from doing damage and interrupt them when they hit it. Stack fire to make flare. Use a glider to glide from one point to another and things like that. The combo system can feel daunting but it is easy, thanks to its auto stack. Karakuri will automatically stack when you place them which makes combos easier. You can kill enemies without using Karakuri but using it makes it a lot easier.

Progression and Equipment

There is not much depth to the combos of weapons unless used with Karakuri. Karakuri can take the weapon combos to another level. Initially, weapons do not feel good but become better as you start using Karakuri. The claw blade is an interesting weapon that provides good aerial combat and flow. Karakuri adds more depth to the weapons and combat of the Wild Hearts game.

Just like Monster Hunter, there is no improvement through leveling up. Stats depend on the equipment you wear. There is a layered armor system to customize your character. Wild Hearts game builds and expands on the formula of Monster Hunter. Armor modification allows you to get Kemono-focused or hunter-focused skills. So you can select skills based on your play style. Such a change opens up build-making mechanics.


Karakuri system can be leveled up by defeating Kemono. You will unlock more options as you level up the Karakuri system. The upgrades are not just new stuff to build as some of them are just straight-up upgrades. There is even an option to upgrade pouch size which will enable you to carry more healing in Wild Hearts game. At the start of each encounter, you are maxed out on potions. You don’t have to craft potions but there is a lot of other stuff in the world to craft.

The good thing about the upgrade is the fact that you can reroll them. Go back on the upgrade path and get another upgrade. Doing so will give back all the equipment that was originally used on it. Reroll function is super useful in making different builds.

To generate Karakuri you would need threads. You have a limited amount of thread similar to the material system of Fortnite. You can increase the capacity of thread by collecting Tsukumo scattered around the map. Tsukumos are small companions that can distract enemies for you. They can do damage, heal you, and are a good addition to hard hunts.


There are eight total weapons and four of them will unlock later as the main mission progresses. Each type of weapon feels unique and the effectiveness of weapons can change depending on the monster. Some of the weapon share resemblance with weapons from Monster Hunter.  Weapons are good, unique, and do not feel like a direct clone of Monster Hunter or other such games.

All the weapons look and feel good since you get accustomed to the initial weapon before getting the rest of them. All the basic weapons are as good as the other weapons. Wild Hearts game has Monster Hunter vibes even in weapons which makes it a smooth sail for Monster Hunter players. There is even a big sword like Monster Hunter. All the weapons are satisfying, but some of them are quite strange and unique. There is an umbrella weapon with pointy edges. Weapons have a hack-and-slash vibe but it’s not a hack-and-slash game.

Enemy Verity

The game has a decent amount of Monster variety. All monsters are unique since it is a new game that brings new concepts to the Monster Hunter formula. Monsters are a combination of nature and animals. All Kemonos are weird looking and some of them are really big. The unique design of Kemono makes every encounter a memorable experience.

You will see many of these unique monsters in the first few hours of the game. Wild Hearts game delivers diversity, everything sees unique and you can even climb on enemies.

There are different types of enemies such as a chicken fused with a plant. The combination of rock, wood, mud, and things like that with animals is common. There are even more powerful versions of monsters that can jack up the difficulty.

General Gameplay

Wild Hearts is not a next-gen game from any angle and sometimes it looks horrible. The game looks rough and has some graphical issues. It will not provide consistent 60 fps gameplay. It has junky and clunky gameplay that sets a bad first expression but starts to feel better as you play more. The dark part of the map looks bad with little visibility. Updates could fix some of these issues. There are bugs in the game but most online game experience bugs so it is understandable.

Respawn after a fall is random and the game can spawn you anywhere even in front of the enemy you are fighting which can get messy. Wild Heart is a game with a dense environment. There are a lot of trees and probes in the environment. During combat, these trees in the environment can obscure enemies.

Travel Around

Building stuff is a good aspect of the game both in combat and building things on the map. Setting up zip lines to travel around, making spawn points through the camp, and using Karakuri in combat all seem great. Selecting a hunt from the map rather than going to it is a good change.


Co-Op is interesting, as hunting games are fun when played with friends. The progress of main missions is shared between all players in a team in Wild Hearts game. You don’t have to play a main mission again if you have completed that mission in a team as the progression is shared. The sharing system is somewhat similar to Death Stranding but it has its negatives.

Setting up camps and Karakuri is not shared. Anything you put on the map such as zip lines, glide points, and so on will not be available for all players. The host will have everything once the session is over and others will get nothing. Even Karakuri’s progression is not shared. Karakuri blueprint and other things could have been better if they were shared.


Wild Hearts is a hunting game with a good gameplay loop. It has a good Karakuri and monster design that presents a decent foundation. The game is rough and clunky that takes some time to get used to. Players need to take their time with the game to get to the better bits of the game. It is a good Monster Hunter alternative. If you are a fan of Monster Hunter or other such games then Wild Hearts could be a good one for you.

The game is setting up a new stage for the Hunting game. It is a niche genre that relies on a good gameplay loop to remain interesting. Wild Hearts has all the basics of a good Hunting game despite having some shortcomings. Players need to take their time with it and be forgiving of its negative bit. Don’t come at it with very high expectations. It is a good experience but not a phenomenal one. A sequel of the game can be better if it improves upon all the bad parts.

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