Is Immortals of Aveum Worth It? Review

Is Immortals of Aveum Worth It? Review

Immortals of Aveum is an FPS adventure that has the essence of a triple-A game that follows the old-school idea of a good game. In the era where most games are either multiplayer or big open-world games, Immortals of Aveum stays true to the concept of linear games. Despite being a generic cool and full of magic, it feels good. It is an old-style video game that brings a new concept of combat to the table.

There was little marketing leading up to the release of the game and it dropped out of nowhere. Many players might not even know that it is out. It brings new characters, story, lore, and action to the table. The game has a good single-player campaign that is worth checking out. There are some annoying things that might bother players but the single-player campaign is worth checking out.

Despite having some shortcomings it can leave an impact on players thanks to all the environmental effects. The particle effect of magic and environment gives it a good visual presentation. The combat and the way the spell works can be good or annoying, depending on the type of player. All this makes you wonder, Is Immortals of Aveum worth It? Let’s find out.

Premise (Spoiler Free)

You take control of Jack who is a street kind in a world that is constantly at war known as Ever War. It is a war between regions that has been going on forever. Magic is everywhere and most people can use it. There is an elite group of people called Immortals. These elite soldiers are working for one side of the conflict. Immortals are superhumans that use magic tactically to take down enemies.

There are different types of magic, each having different colors. Jack is a special case because he can use all colors of magic. He gets conscripted into the ranks of Immortals and now he has to become one of them. There is a focus on the story, Immortals of Aveum goes all in on lore and backstories. Some of these stories are straight-up video game type while others are quite compelling.

Depending on the type of player you are, you can get lost in the lore of the game. There is a phenomenon in the game known as the Wound and it is slowly separating different regions. Characters are engaging and the main character stands out. Different characters make jokes and make small talk. The stakes are high and there is a twist in the story which is not as intense.


Combat is one of the main focus. You will be running and gunning around while occasionally stopping to solve a puzzle, do platforming, explore, talk to other characters, and stuff like that. Immortals of Aveum is not an open-world game but you can go back to an area with new abilities. Combat is all magic, you will be blasting people with your hand attack. Immortals of Aveum is a first-person shooter game first and foremost with magic thrown in the midst.

Magic is your gun and different magic types have different effects. Blue magic shoots accurate rounds and works as a rifle. Green magic shoots bullets at a higher rate of fire similar to auto rifle and SMG. Red is a high-damaging blast that works like a shotgun. Picking up upgrades will unlock different variations within the colors. You can turn green bullets into slow LMG shoots, change the way you attack, and things like that.

With your left hand, you will conjure a temporary shield while also dodging with Blink and teleporting around. The combination of shooting magic and using ability adds more variation to the combat. Holding the trigger and using the face buttons will unleash special attacks on enemies. These can include homing rockets, vertex attacks, and things like that. A meter will be used when you use special abilities that can be filled through spending resources by holding the reload button.

Arsenal At Your Disposal

There is even the option of reloading your normal attacks. In a sense, it is like reloading a finger as there is an animation for it. Everything that your character does is amazing. You will be using special items and healing items to defeat enemies. You will be using stunner grenade and things like that.

There is even an option to use Lasso that will pull enemies towards you. Once you acquire Lasso it will give you the ability to reach certain points that were previously not available. Each level is open-ended to some extent so you can access them once you have the ability to reach it.

Certain enemies will be weaker to certain attacks. Breaking the shield of an enemy with a right-colored shield will grant health. Combat of Immortals of Aveum is not fast and it can feel sluggish at times. It is not like it can become Doom Eternal but a little more agility to the combat could have been better. The feedback of attacks is good and it doesn’t slack up on it.

General Gameplay

The onscreen effects are excellent. Every shot and blast looks good with quite a bit of particle effect to it. Magic looks cool even if it starts feeling sluggish. Sadly I can’t say the same about enemies. They will rush at you which does not charge through the entirety of Immortals of Aveum. There are some good arenas but enemies will swarm you as soon they see you. More enemy verity and better AI of enemies could have made combat even better.

The combat is fun and works well with its progression system. You have the option of equipping gadgets that provide passive buffs. Two magic rings and arm bracers can be equipment. These rings and arm bracers work more like armor that can increase the amount of damage you do. These armor pieces can be upgraded through resources. In the beginning, you might stick to using one item but later when better items are introduced, they become desirable.

Skill Tree is also pretty cool. You get a point for the skill tree every time you level up. There are a lot of skills that can make gameplay better. You can get corrosive damage, supercharged shields, blink or dash to get health, and other things like that. The skill tree is good and has a major impact on the gameplay. The combination of skills and armor pieces can change how you approach combat so these items and abilities are not just for show.


Immortals of Aveum is a visually stunning game with a straightforward campaign and progression. The environment is otherworldly which shows an entirely different type of world. The game is not long and it wraps up at a nice pace. It is not the type of game that overstay its welcome. It is not designed to be played for a long time or endlessly like open-world games. With exploration, you can end it in nearly 20 hours and if you are searching every nook and cranny then it can take a little more time.

There is no end-game stuff but there are powerful enemies to hunt down once the credit rolls. The length and structure of the game might come short for some players. It’s not a bad game but it is old school which can deter some players. It is a game with good adventure and a simple progression system. If you are into linear games then Immortals of Aveum could be a nice pick for you.

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