Is Payday 3 Worth It? Review

Payday 3 is the new Payday and has been released after 10 years of the second installment. It is primarily a co-op shooter that provides a good experience. This new game in the series has gone to the basics which revamped the core gameplay. It is leaving all the things intact that made the series so good. The revamp might not sound much but it has a major impact on how you approach the combat. Everything is bigger and better in this new game.

Up to four people can team up to go on a heist. Heist slowly becomes bigger with more high-risk high-reward situations. It starts off with a local bank robbery to warehouses, clubs, and casinos. Each heist has its objectives to complete. Once objectives are complete then you can get out and take as much cash with you as possible. Objectives are simple but effective and make the overall experience better. All this makes you wonder, Is Payday 3 worth it? Let’s find out.

More Stealth and More Combat

Each mission starts low profile with a few actions to choose from. As you place the camera, get information about the area, steal key cards, and prepare, it starts to extend. There is more emphasis on stealth and it is entirely possible to complete all the objectives without getting caught or setting off the alarm. With careful coordination and planning, you can complete a mission without firing a single round.

Shooting is not neglected and is as prevalent as it was in the previous game. The feedback and overall feel of the shot are the best in the series so far. When you fight the odds are stacked up against you even on normal difficulty which creates the environment of an intense situation.

It is not realistic as you will be mowing enemies by the dozens but it is still hard. Once you are done with an encounter, it will feel good since it makes you feel like you are out of danger. Combat is better than it has ever been and it is a new thing in Payday 3.

The Heists

Heists are more varied and complex this time. Even in the old-school missions, just dropping a drill and defending it is not the case anymore as there are multiple layers to even such simple tasks. Depending on the alarm level, what you are doing can change in Payday 3.

Sneaking is forgiving and you can take a hostage and use it as a shield or use it to go to another area. When you take down a guard, you have to answer its radio or the alarm will go off. Each person in the team can get multiple calls that have to be answered. So it is possible to take down multiple guards without raising the alarm.

If you have a low profile then getting caught in a restricted area is forgiving. Instead of getting killed, you will be escorted to a public zone so even getting caught is not that bad. It makes each mission more interesting. You will be grabbing keys, hacking phones, opening doors, and stuff like that. These mechanics are not revolutionary but they add another layer of complexion to Payday 3.

Things can get dicey especially if the camera is near. You have to find code or look for clues on the computer. Sometimes you have to take certain people hostage to open the door. Mission design is varied which makes all of it better.

The Realism of Heists

There is no hold-your-ground kind of objective, as the game finds different ways to make things interesting. It forces you to go out of a controlled area to hack the computer system and other things like that. Payday 3 forces the player out of their comfort zone and wants you to adapt. Such tactics make heists more real.

You can even trade hostages for resources. It will buy you resources and some precious seconds to complete the objective that you are in the middle of. It adds the element of hostile negotiations. You can place defenses before the police assault begins. All of these elements add smart choices that make the encounters feel real.

The Story and Limitation

There are a wide variety of heists and each one is different than the other. However, their total number is limited. Most of the heists are really good but there are some less interesting ones. Heists include a bank, art gallery, vehicle escort, and other interesting stuff. Payday 3 will throw a lot of cash at you and there are a decent amount of cosmetics that you can spend on or upgrade your character.

A story is also running in the background but that is of secondary importance. It feels like a slide show with some cut scenes if you are playing it in sequence. You can play any heist you want without worrying about sequence if you choose to. Each heist has its own personality so the story is not that important. It is not properly implemented.

The Team Play

The cutscenes are not good but in game environment makes it better. The quality of your experience will also depend on your team. With a good team, it is satisfying. Playing with friends while everyone has a headset makes it really good. There is some complexity in the missions so having communication can be helpful. Getting the job done and completing heists is satisfying. Tutorials will get you going on the basics.

You can play solo but doing so will fill the spot with bots. Bots are not good since Payday 3 is meant to be played in co-op. Bots will not even carry bags when needed and you have to point them out to different actions. Payday 3 is not a solo-friendly game since there is no offline option. Even when you are playing, it will be on a private server. It would have been better if there was an offline option.


At the base level, the game has good quality with an amazing mission design that can be considered the best in the series. Payday 3 will be an evolving game so it will add new stuff which will make it better with time. It is fun to explore and interact with the environment of the game. Character design is not as good as the overall design. The sound design is solid, especially the music. It is good and makes the experience of heists better.

All the changes it makes do not reinvent the option but it offers good changes that make the overall experience better. You are going to get lots of content as the game gets more updates. Most of the problems from the previous game have been fixed. You just can’t jump in and play because there is coordination required. You can get some really good teammates through random matchmaking making so do give it a try.

It’s not like Payday 3 is going to be ground groundbreaking game but it does offer a good escape from the daily hustle. The stealth has become a lot better which opens up new opportunities. The general looting and shooting are the same. It can be frustrating and confusing but this much is to be expected from a co-op game. Do give it a try if you get a chance, it is on Game Pass so you can try it there.

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