Is The Day Before Worth It? The Rant

The Day Before is finally here after the delays and speculation. Originally shown as the graphical powerhouse having amazing features has now turned out to be a hoax. There was a lot of talk regarding the game and many thought that the game did not even exist. It exists as the release of it has proven it but it is way worse than anything people could have imagined. Its problems range from endless server issues to broken gameplay that lacks even the most basic features of a multiplayer game.

One of the major issues that plague the game is the fact that it is not even an open-world MMO. I know its description says open-world MMO but that thing does not exist. It is an extraction shooter and a really bad one at that. Players start with a base and some storage then they go out into the city to get different items while also fighting zombies and other players. You will rarely face any zombies or players. Players are rare and zombies are very far and between. Zombies won’t even damage you most of the time while PVP is a complete mess that rarely works.

At its core, The Day Before is a PVE and PVP game with barely any PVP element. The only survival element in the game is eating food. That’s literally all it has for survival because the rest of the elements don’t exist. It is simply not what was advertised. I know it seems more like a rant but that is exactly what it is. We still need to ask the question Is The Day Before worth it? Let’s find out even though we have the idea where it is going.

Mess as an Extraction Shooter

Even if you are a fan of extraction shooter then it is still not recommendable. There is barely any extraction shooter element other than getting loot a getting out. You rarely find any zombies and even if you did they won’t be able to do any damage most of the time. It does not even have slight excitement as an extraction shooter and don’t get me started on glitches. There are so many glitches that make the game almost unplayable. The worst part is that most of the glitches will only get fixed if you delete your character.

To start a session one needs to start playing it but what if you can’t do that? Well, that’s the problem that plagues the game. Servers are highly unstable and you have to keep trying until you finally get in the server. The issue has mostly subsided since there is not much traffic as most players have stopped playing The Day Before for obvious reasons. Once you get in the game, you will be greeted with a vague tutorial that will lamely explain the world. It won’t be much information but rather a few dialogues that offer little incentive.

The Cities and Zombies

Homestead is a new mechanic introduced but I don’t know if I should call it new because other games have attempted it. It is not a fun place, you will only visit it once and then be done with it. You can make different furniture in the house. The amount of stuff you can buy such as gun and decorative things are not that much. It won’t be long before you run out of stuff to place in your home.

The city looks decent but only in terms of how it looks. There are some interesting points here and there with some exploration. However, none of it matters if the rest of the game is a mess. The Day Before does not have that many enemies, so it takes some time before the next encounter. I know extraction shooters give you breathing room before the next encounter but in The Day Before it’s just something else. It is just that the world is so empty, you will not face any zombies and payers even if you are looking for them.

The zombie density is extremely low which shouldn’t have been since it is a world of zombie apocalypse. For a world in the grip of a zombie apocalypse, it looks like a ghost town. Even by normal standards the world is nothing more than a ghost town. Even when you manage to run into a zombie it will not be a good experience.

Zombies will just run towards you and then keep on running until you shoot them. As long as you are moving they can’t hurt you. As you face more zombies, some of them will start disappearing right in front of your eyes. The Day Before can’t even support the spawning of multiple zombies.

Combat is Nothing More Than Simple Movements

There is no feedback to anything you do whether it’s shooting the gun, hitting zombies, or anything else that you do. It takes a second before zombies react to your shots. Shooting feels bad and the way zombies react to it is bad. Zombies will have no reaction to gunshots so calling their reaction bad is an understatement.

You can get shot out of nowhere and the game will not even tell you about the person that shot. I don’t know if it was a glitch or if an enemy player was shooting me. Enemy players are really far and between so calling it a glitch is not out of the question. The directional sound and the direction of hit feedback are missing. There is no melee which is strange for a zombie survival not that it is one.

Map is a camper’s dream and enemies can shoot you from any side. There is a lean option but it is only just a motion in The Day Before. It has no practical use other than just tilting your upper body. You can hide inside close spaces by glitches and going inside them. Doing so enables you to take down enemies from a safe space since you are practically invisible. If you get stuck there, then the only way to get out is either get killed by a zombie or delete your character.

General Gameplay

Jumping is a mess as there are no climbing mechanics. Water will kill you and when you are inside it, you won’t even know that you are taking damage since there are no indicators. Generally, it is hard to tell if you are taking damage in The Day Before. Shots you fired take time to register which makes it even more frustrating.

There is an ammo counter at the corner and that’s about it. If you want to check health then you have to check inventory. The map will not let you zoom out which makes it more frustrating. You will hear fake shots being fired. These fake shots are used to make the game livelier. There is even a glitch that deletes your inventory. You guessed it, you have to delete the character to fix the problem.

The Missions

You can complete missions in Fortune City. The quests you get are really simple and as basic as imaginable. Quests markers are huge and finding the thing that a quest is telling you to get is really hard. At times, it becomes so annoying that you will just give up on it since the area where you are supposed to look for an item is big.

The map might look big but it quickly starts to feel small as you put more hours into it. One of the major issues is the fact that the map can be zoomed out as mentioned earlier. The lack of zoom in the map creates a false sense of a big map. One can see The Division influence and it is hard to shake off that feeling. The impact of The Division is evident in the setting of the game. The Day Before feels like a first-person shooter that has been forced to be a third-person shooter.


The Day Before is based on false advertising but that is the least of all the problems. To start counting all the things that are wrong with it can make a really large list. However, we can count all the major faults which include bad shooting mechanics, the small map, bugs, an empty map, bad gunplay, bad motion, and many more. The point is that the game does not excel in any factor. It does not feel great to play the game even as an extraction shooter. The city is empty and lifeless with nothing much to do. Controls are not good and lack responses and feedback is barely there.

If it’s not the bugs that bore you, it will be all that the game offers that would do so. One might say that all the problems are going to get fixed since the game is a live service game. Well, that is not the case anymore. The Developers of The Day Before has closed off. According to their tweet, they don’t have the funds to keep the studio running so they are closing it off.

Basically, it was a dead game from the start and there was no future for it. It is not going to improve and for the first time I will say it about a game, it is not worth it so don’t buy it. The Day Before was nothing more than a scam and it’s going to remain this way.

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