Is Forza Motorsport Worth It? Review

Is Forza Motorsport Worth It? Review

The Forza series is back with Forza Motorsport. Motorsport is a completely different series than the Horizon series and it acts as a mainline series of the Forza franchise. Horizon series focus more on arcade mechanics and racing antiques. Motorsport focuses on pure racing, and simulation aspects while providing a good amount of accessibility. The amount of control options and accessibility that it offers widens its reach to different types of players.

In Forza Motorsport, you will be doing real-world activities in a controlled environment. It is just a normal Forza Motorsport that is not bad from the get-go. There is a good driving experience to be had while still enjoying the racing simulation that it offers. It makes you work for each vehicle rather than letting you upgrade through the gameplay of the previous. The more you play the better you and your vehicle will become. All this makes you wonder Is Forza Motorsport worth it? Let’s find out.


Driving is good and the new entry makes it feel solid. There is a new physics model that makes the feel of the cars more realistic. You will feel the terrain difference, the weight of the car, and the effect of the weather.

Racing can be challenging and it will always keep you on your toes. There are tons of options to customize and fine-tune the car to your skill level. There are even options to make the game almost steer for you, brake with a screen indicator, and take turns through touring indicators. A little bit of traction control has also been thrown in the midst.

There is no right or wrong as the game is all about the racing experience. Forza Motorsport encourages you to learn so you can approach a scenario any way you want. Before racing in a certain mode, the game will encourage you to practice by offering a practice run. Doing practice runs will help you master tracks and lap times.

All about Cars

There is no story mode as it is all about car simulation. Forza Motorsport will not divert you with side stories and stuff as it is purely about racing which can be good or bad depending on the type of player you are. There are no characters, voiceovers, or narration. It’s all just menus which can get boring at times. It wants to solidify its status as a racing platform that people will keep coming back to by being a new Forza.

Cars are lovingly and insanely detailed both inside and out. Forza Motorsport happily shows the glory of cars both on and off traffic. The ability to take photos, replay save, and stuff makes it all the better. There are 500 cars and 20 maps that are going be keep on expanding.

It looks good with crazy lighting, reflection, details, and framerate. Racing games are really in lockdown on these aspects at this point. Different time of the day really shows off the visual in a nice and meaningful way. Tracks have a 24/7 day and night cycle. The dynamic weather effect makes it even better. Ray Tracing is more notable in some environments compared to others. There are some other upgrades like trees having 3D foliage and stuff like that.


The real star of the show is progression it can also act as a thorn in the side if you don’t like games that force you into intense grind. How you tune and customize cars for races is completely different this time. They have rethought the idea of progression and you will either love it or hate it in Forza Motorsport.

The mindset is about building not buying. You cannot just buy an upgrade for a car as there are multiple layers to upgrading each vehicle. You have to level up cars and unlock car tweaks as you go. Getting new upgrades is satisfying for each car since you have to work for it. The menus and presentation of it all are not thrilling as well.

The Currency

You earn money by buying cars but the real currency that you have to worry about is CP or Car Points. As you level up your car by driving better, taking good turns, cleanly overtaking other cars, hitting corners at the right moment, and beating lap records to earn XP then that XP will be used to level up your car in Forza Motorsport.

The leveling system periodically gives you access to more car parts. Every time you level up, you will earn CP. Spend that on new parts and upgrades to make your cars better. CPs earned through leveling up a car will be spent on that specific car. You have to level up and rank each car individually.

It takes a few hours depending on how good you are at the game to completely progress and unlock all parts of a car. You can earn these upgrades just by driving. Even if you are bad at driving, you should keep racing since it is hard to earn stuff.

Not Just Win or Lose

Races are not just about winning but driving better as well. You can refund points for a car which can be used to make another build of that car. The slowed progression makes sure that you feel the impact of every upgrade. Some people might find this progression system frustrating but that’s how it is. You can have multiple cars of the same vehicle type but even then you will need to level up each of them separately.

The track of progression is the same for all the vehicles once you go through it. The progression system is long and after playing it for a while I don’t think that the good feelings are going to last for long. It remains to be seen how long players can stick to this progression system. Maybe it is a way for the Forza Motorsport to keep players hooked for a long time. Developers might be using this kind of progression to keep players playing for a longer duration.

Builders Cup

The Builders Cup is as close to career mode as you are going to get in Forza Motorsport. It is a simple career mode with an RPG kind of progression. Builders Cup introduces lots of different races, modern, enthusiast, and retro, all have different types of settings, qualifications, rules, and stuff like that. Every mode has its own unique challenges and rewards. New tours with new rewards will be released regularly. Once you get into the Builders Cup, it might even feel like a never-ending loop of races.

There is the option of free play as well and you can play it however you want. You can even race against the ghost of the next best driver from the leaderboard. Private multiplayer mod lets you choose from different game modes and lets you create a custom race. Then of course there is the option of traditional multiplayer where you can race against other real players.


Forza Motorsport has a variety of different options which is good if you like a diverse racing game. How long it stays afloat will depend on the community and the developers. It is nice to see a game with decent variety as more variety will keep players engaged. Things are subject to change as developers will constantly be adding more stuff with time. Things will constantly be tweaked to change the experience. One or two years from now, things could be completely different.

There is not much to say about the game as it is pretty straightforward minus the progression. Once you understand the progression all other things will settle down. It has all the things that a racing sim needs but, changes in progression could deter some players. Forza Motorsport is a simple racing sim and there is not much to say. Aside from the progression system, there are not many complications. If you like its progression system, then the game could offer an amazing time. In short, it is a good racing simulation with an emphasis on vehicle progression.

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