Mecha Break Is the New Multiplayer Mecha Shooter

Mecha Break Is the New Multiplayer Mecha Shooter

A new trailer was revealed at the Xbox Games Showcase for Mecha Break. It offers customizable mecha and players as the mecha pilots. Players will have access to a wide variety of weapons and different kinds of mechs.

The game has three different game types and game modes. Players will have the choice to use different types of Mechs and customize them to their needs. You can make attacker, sniper, support, and so on. Each of them provides a unique playstyle.

The game does look interesting since it offers a 5v5 PVP experience. It reminds me of Knights of Sidonia with its combat and the way mechs move. The mecha-centric full-fledged PVP game sounds good and it’s not like we are seeing it for the first time.

Based on what we have seen in the trailer this could be the next big name in Mecha games. It might only be good for specific types of players which is all too possible.

In the trailer, we see mechs changing their shape from looking like fighter jets to full-fledged mechs. We also see that certain mechs are in the transformative state. Meaning that are halfway through the transformation so they are using the abilities of both.

All things aside, PVP mecha combat with this kind of animation and combat can be a treat for some gamers. There is always a chance that it will become a niche or less interesting game. That’s all we have on Mecha Break, stay tuned for more.



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