Rockstar’s Co-founder Is Working on a New Game with Absurd Ventures

Rockstar’s Co-founder Is Working on a New Game with Absurd Ventures

Rockstar Games co-founder and head writer Dan Houser’s studio Absurd Ventures is working on a new game. After leaving Rockstar Games this will be the game being developed by Dan Houser. It is described as an open-world action adventure as per the recent job listing on the Absurd Ventures website.

This should not come as a surprise since it is the maker of GTA we are talking about. Given the caliber of Absurd Ventures, such a game was bound to pop up any time. The bigger question is whether the game will resemble GTA to some extent or not. The answer to that is mostly yes. We are more than happy to experience the final product.

Absurd Ventures stated they will create new IPs for all available platforms and formats with an emphasis on storytelling. To top it all off, the developers said that they would create different narrative worlds in different formats like books, podcasts, and graphic novels.

After making these statements, a couple of these worlds were presented in the form of graphic novels and audio dramas. The graphic novel is called American Caper and the audio drama A Better Paradise. It is likely that the studio will go off into other media forms in the future.

The Job Listings

All things aside, Absurd Ventures now has multiple job listings on its site, and some of them give us an idea of what the game is about. There are different listings on the site. There is a vacancy for a lead gameplay designer of an action-adventure open-world game. One of the listings has requirements for good class combat and third-person design for different game modes.

The Listing mentions the requirement of a person with the knowledge of “melee and shooting mechanics”. In the listings, there is also the requirement for someone with mounts, platforming, driving, transversal climbing, and other motion-related expertise.

Looking at bigger roles and listings like senior art director is not going to give you any information. It is these general roles that will give you information regarding the project being worked on.

All the available information shows us that Absurd Ventures is working on a project similar to Grand Theft Auto “GTA”. However, there could be some major changes that make them a completely different experience.

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