A Total War: Star Wars Game Is In the Making

A new report by Dual Shockers suggests that a Total War: Star Wars game has been in development since October 2023. Total War series are strategy games that combine resource management and turn-based combat with tactical battles. If a Star Wars game is made into a Total War game, it would take huge battles to the Star Wars universe.

Last year, Saga stated that the Creative Assembly would focus on strategy games after the cancellation of Hyenas. There are also reports that Creative Assembly is working on two completely different projects. The development of two projects simultaneously makes it really difficult to get a release date.

A Total: Star Wars game is not the only Star Wars game that is currently in development. There is even another strategy Star Wars game currently in development which was confirmed by EA’s Respawn Entertainment. Respawn Entertainment is working on three new Star Wars games which include one strategy game as well.

One of the three games was a Mandalorian-inspired FPS that has now been canceled. The strategy Star Wars game is being co-developed by Respawn Entertainment and Bit Reactor. Bit Reactor’s involvement in the project has been confirmed through their social media.

We can get at least one Star Wars strategy game even if a Total War: Star Wars game doesn’t come to fruition.

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