Salt Did It Again…..(Well of Radiance)

Salt Did It Again…..(Well of Radiance)

Well of Radiance is one of the most powerful super in Destiny 2. It is especially useful in damage phases making it one of the best super for boss DPS even when you are taking intense damage. Everything was working fine and the super was being utilized to make things easier.

Then Salt happened. There is a guy called Saltagreppo who likes to poke noses where it doesn’t belong. He is always blabbering about Nerfs and is responsible for some of the worst Nerfs in Destiny 2 history. He just wants to nerf everything and make things difficult for everything. Not everyone is a streamer playing day and night so these nerfs have a massive impact on the gameplay of many players.

These streamers shouldn’t have a say in anything since they run with other streamers who are just as good and are playing all the time. I don’t know why Bungie even listens to them.

Anyway, back to the topic.

The Numbers

Once again Bungie has destroyed a super and this time the victim is Well of Radiance. Bite down before reading the number because there are some bangers (Can’t believe I am writing it)

Healing per second has been reduced from 100 to 50 which is equal to the Restoration x2 and 50% of the previous value.

Getting healed on cast has been increased from 40 to 300.

Damage resistance against bosses has now been reduced from 40% to 10%.

Against non-bosses, damage resistance has been reduced from 40% to 30%

Damage resistance remains the same in PVP

The amount of orbs generated when defeating enemies while standing in the Well of Radiance has been increased from 4 to 5.

Radiant now lasts from eight seconds after exiting Well of Radiance.

All of it means that you can’t stand up against enemies and bosses while staying in the Well of Radiance. You will be taking more damage but will heal at a reduced rate. The sledgehammer that Well of Radiance received has completely destroyed it.

Again it was Saltagreppo who started this mess. God, I hate that guy. That’s all for now see you later.

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