Square Enix is Changing Business Strategy

Square Enix is Changing Business Strategy

Square Enix, has confirmed that as per their new business plan, they want to pursue multiplatform release of their games. Their games would now be released on other platforms such as PC, Xbox, and Switch alongside PlayStation. They don’t want to lock their big AAA titles to a specific platform. The company said that they are looking for an environment where more players can enjoy the titles.

The statement further elaborates “strive to maximize the acquisition of new users when launching a title and that of recurring users after starting management of game operation” The idea is based on the concept of enhancing stability, productivity, diversification opportunities, and keeping stabilization of profit for the shareholders.

Square Enix wants to lean more toward quality than quantity. It wants to evolve to provide a wide variety of content that enables more people to be in on the fun.

Since the past few years, there hasn’t been an established practice for Square Enix game releases. Their games have been lancing on different platforms. Most Final Fantasy games are being released on PlayStation and PC. Some of these games are exclusives while others will take some time before they release on other consoles.

Sometimes the reason for the non-availability of a game on one platform is not clear. One such example is Octopath Traveler, the original was exclusive to Switch. The sequel was released on the PlayStation, Switch, and PC but not Xbox.

The already-done deal would not be affected by this new strategy. It seems like we will see more Square Enix games on all platforms.

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