Control game follows the story of FBC director who is responsible for handling paranormal cases. You will find many similarities between other Remedy Games such as Quantum Break and Allen Walker. You can even fell the vibe of the original Max Payne through the environment. Control game put together some of the weirdest ideas, the combination of these weird ideas has made a game that has never seen before. Every mechanic of this game is something new which makes it sort of a next-gen game. The way Jesse Faden’s powers interact with the surrounding makes this game a unique experience. The setting of the game has made everything about it a new experience including plot and mechanics. The game starts in a vague building but quickly unveil a sophisticated plot that is going to hitch you with the game.

Control Game has a plot Influenced by the Settings

In the game, you will play as a character named Jesse Faden. Your character has the paranormal power and she is investigating the mysterious disappearance of her brother. The search for her brother leads her to Federal Bureau of Control building. FBC is a secret government organization that is responsible for dealing with paranormal threats. Jesse believes that FBC has kidnapped her brother to keep the country safe from paranormal dangers. The building of FBC is supernatural old building that is under attack by Hiss, a supernatural creature. Hiss has the power to control the minds of other people and bind them to its will.

During the encounter of Jesse and the director of FBC Zachariah Trench, the building is under attack. Due to the attack, they lock down the building resulting in the death of Zachariah. After his death, the regenerating ammo gun  “Service Gun” attaches to Jess making her the next director.  After this event, Jesse is responsible for lifting the lockdown and getting rid of the enemies. The abilities of Jesse are latent so when she embarks on this quest she gets new powers which include leviathan and telekinesis. These powers will help Jesse in her journey and allow her to access different parts of the building.

The game does not have a dialogue option and it features a linear narrative. Control game has an amazing plot thanks to its strange concepts. The combination of plot, setting, and mechanics makes a unique story for Control game. The story of the game will keep entertaining you throughout the playthrough. Side missions are also fun but they will come a little closer to repetition. Overall the game is a fun play even with little repetition.

Control Game Takes Place in One Building

The entire game takes place in a single building known as the Oldest House. The building also serves as the headquarter for the FBC. The Oldest House is just a regular building from outside but inside it is a world on its own. The building is connected to another dimension which FBC uses for study of other dimensions. Even though the game takes place in one building it is still an open world. This type of world building has not attempted by another game.

The Oldest House is not just a concrete structure but rather a building that defy the laws of this world. The building is not just a simple corporate office but rather a place with multiple regions. Each region of the building has a different vibe to it making it unique in all perspectives. However, you will still see the influence of corporate style theme in each area. The most important thing about the house is the fact that it keeps on shifting the shape. Each shift in the structure of the house creates a new challenge for Jesse. The entire world of Control game revolves around the Oldest House which is made uniquely.

Control Game Mechanics is Unique, It Feels Next-Gen

The overall mechanics of the game are different than any other game out there. Unlike Quantum Break, that was solely focused on combat mechanics. Control game focuses on the overall environmental mechanics along with combat. When it comes to the mechanics and environmental destruction Control game tops the list in all of the previous Remedy Games.

Environmental Mechanics are better than Any Other Game but it has its Flaws

Control game has amazing environmental mechanics. The environmental destruction of this game is on an entirely different level. The way everything moves with your actions is something that you don’t get to see every day. The motion of every destroyable object on the screen can be in par with reality. Everything on the screen moves in perfect sync with the environment. Even the paper flies when Jesse moves through shelves using her power. Your surrounding will respond to your actions. By the time you are done fighting in a room, everything will be in jumbles. The mechanics can be considered next-gen.

Despite its amazing mechanics, Control game fails to keep its destruction closer to reality. Environmental destruction is doing a fine job for the game. However, other mechanics are not able to keep up with it. I noticed in a couple of instances that small objects tend to disappear as soon as they fall to the ground. To be fair this creates a very bad impression of environmental destruction. The disappearance of such subjects creates an outdated impression of the game. This one flaw has made mechanics of Control game a little flawed but very few people would notice this effect. Once you do notice it will be on your mind whenever you play the game.

Combat Mechanics are Exceptional

Unlike other games where you have to wait for your time to strike. Control game has the mechanics that lets you create such an opportunity. The telekinesis of Jesse gives her the ability to create a cover for herself using concrete. There is no covering mechanics in the game so you have to rely on your powers to take down the enemies. Jesse can use telekinesis to throw objects towards her enemies.

Everything you see on screen can be used to provide you advantage. Jesse can throw everything at her opponents creating devastating effects. Later in the game, Jesse will get the ability to hover which gives her huge advantage over her enemies. Psionic wave force is the attack that Jesse can use to take her enemies down but you have to get extremely close to your enemies for that which could prove deadly. Jesse’s health won’t regenerate automatically so she needs to pick that up from her enemies.

The weapon that Jesse uses for combat has the abilities that make her gun a new concept. In Control game you don’t need to worry about running out of ammo but you do need to wait for the cooldown of your weapon. The game features only a pistol that can be converted into different types of guns using mods. The service gun of Jesse can be a shotgun, high-speed revolver, sniper, submachine gun and more. The game features different types of guns that originates from one gun. These types of weapon mechanics are unique to Control. The game has combat that is different than any other shooting game.

Control Game General Mechanics are Not That Special

Skill-set progression of Control Game is similar to other games. As your character progress through story completing main missions and side quests, you will get experience points. You can use these skill points to unlock new abilities which will help your character maximize its potential. Keep in mind that control points are not plenty so you need to focus on certain abilities. If you want to upgrade Jesse’s gun then you will need to get resources. Resources can be accumulated during quests and progression of the story.

Enemies in Control game have little verity in comparison to the abilities of your character in the game. Initially, enemies can overwhelm you if you are not careful. Once, you upgrade your abilities then the game would become easier. The mods of service gun will make a big difference in your battle. Once you get enough mods you can use the load-out of your choice making your character even more powerful. At the end of the game, you will realize how limited the verity of enemies is in comparison to your character’s abilities. If the developers had added more types of enemies the game would be even more awesome.  The verity of enemies would have made the game more challenging, which is exactly what it needs. You can increase the difficulty from the menu but the process of taking down the enemies would remain the same

Is it your Type of Game?

Control is a game that offers the perfect balance of story and combat. The game brings new types of mechanics to the games. The environmental destruction, combat mechanics and overall mechanics of the game are different. The Idea of open-world is unique to the game. The way building reacts to your action is just next level. The game has some flaws when comes to enemies verity and some mechanics but it is still a fun play. If you prefer games with a decent story, amazing combat, and new concept then this is the game for you. If you prefer straight-up shooting games with much more deep story such then it might not be the game for you.

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