Dynasty Warriors: Origins Is The New Dynasty Warriors

Dynasty Warriors is back with their new game known as Dynasty Warriors: Origins. This time, it seems like the developers are trying to do something different. These changes could be a huge deal for some players. The idea of Dynasty Warriors is based on one vs many and that’s what the new game tries to achieve.

It will be the mainline game after quite a bit of time. We will be able to experience the concept of one vs thousand with Dynasty Warriors: Origins

The game was announced during State of Play in May 2024, soon after the game was revealed through a trailer. It will be a follow-up of Dynasty Warriors 9. That game was a stepped-down version of the franchise and this new game will take it back to its roots.

Dynasty Warriors 9 was not the last game as we saw the release of a strategy sim which wasn’t as good.

Even with this rough record, Dynasty Warriors has a dedicated fanbase that spans across multiple generations of consoles all the way to the first PlayStation. The game will be released in 2025

Dynasty Warriors: Origins was one of the many announcements that were made during the State of Play.

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