PlayStation VR2 is Coming To PC

There has been speculation regarding the PlayStation VR2 PC adapter. However, it became a reality with the official announcement of the PC adapter. The new PC adapter will add PC support to the PlayStation VR 2 Headset. The company has officially unveiled the adapter. The PS VR2 adapter will launch on the 7th of August and will cost $59.99

Sony has also said that the device will support all VR games on Steam. Yes, including Half-Life: Alyx which is one of the best if not the best VR games. Players will also need a DisplayPort cable along with the adapter to make the Steam games work on the PS VR2. A Steam account is also needed which is obvious.

Sony also clarified that the features will vary depending on the platform you are playing on. So there will be some differences between the two platforms.

The PlayStation VR2 headset was originally made for the PS5 so some features like HDR, adaptive triggers, eye tracking, and haptic feedback will not be available on PC. Future VR games could unlock these features on the PC if support for these features is added.

High-resolution and sensory immersion features for the headset will be supported. The supported features include 4K visuals, 110-degree field of view, see-through view, 3D audio in supported games, foveated rendering that doesn’t rely on eye tracking, and finger touch detection

Sony already stated that support for PC PSV 2 in February. The device will enable PSVR 2 to be paired with a PC and play non-PlayStation games. During the initial announcement, the release date for the adapter was vague and now we know the release date for the device which makes it much better.

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