Monster Hunter Wilds Got Gameplay Trailer

Monster Hunter Wilds Got Gameplay Trailer

We got a gameplay trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds. From what we can see in the trailer the game looks really awesome. It looks different than what players could expect from it including me. The core gameplay is the thing that matters and that seems to be alright. There is more emphasis on mounts.

I am not sure how different it’s going to be compared to Monster Hunter World. I thought that it could be a simple follow up but the changes are more than what I expected. From what we can see so far, it looks really exciting.

The trailer shows us some really cool moves and some of them can change how we approach the combat.

Movements are also much smoother and the game looks really good. It is a new-gen game so it has to be better since Monster Hunter World is a last-gen game.

The story can also pique the interest of many players. Monster Hunter games are not that strong when it comes to story. Despite that, even little changes could have a great effect on the outcome.

The dynamic weather effect will not only make Monster Hunter Wilds more interesting but will add new gameplay effects as well. It could give players more control during hunts and can be used to gain advantage.

An exciting game is in the making which could be good news for Monster Hunter fans.

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