Pieces Interactive the Developers of Alone In the Dark Has Been Shut Down

Pieces Interactive the Developers of Alone In the Dark Has Been Shut Down

The developers of Alone In The Dark, Pieces Interactive have been shut down by Embracer Group. Pieces Interactive developed the latest Alone in the Dark game which was the reimagination of the original. It seems to be the latest studio that the company has closed off.

The website of Pieces Interactive only includes “2007 to 2024 Thanks for Playing With Us” Other generic stuff like a short history is also included.

Pieces Interactive is not the only studio that Embracer Group has closed off. Over the course of three years, they have also closed off Free Radical Design and Volition Games.

Since the beginning (2007), Pieces Interactive has made more than ten games for Consoles, Mobile, and PC. They have also assisted the other studios on different projects along with making their own.

Embracer Group acquired Pieces Interactive in 2017. The acquisition occurred when the Embracer Group and Pieces Interactive were working on the DLC for the Titan Quest series.

Their last release was the reimagination of Alone in the Dark. It was supposed to revive the series but failed to do so. According to reports Alone in the Dark didn’t do as well as the developers hope it would.

Alone in the Dark was launched on the 20th of March 2023 and received mixed reviews. Even though the game stars Jodie Comer and David Harbour as lead protagonists things didn’t work out. Basically, the game is a third-person reimagination of the 1992 classic survival horror game.

The Future Look Grim

After the collapse of the $2 billion Savvy Games Group deal in 2023, Embracer Group has gone under massive restructuring. To stay afloat they had to reduce the number of employees across their studios. They have also sold two of their studios, Saber Interactive and Gearbox Entertainment. So things are dire and we might even see more studios closing off.

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