State of Decay 3 Got A New Trailer


The first time we saw anything about the State of Decay 3 was in 2020 with a teaser trailer that showed a survivor on the hunt for infected animals in the dead of the winter. After that, we didn’t see much about it. The developers of the game went back to releasing updates and patches for the State of Decay 2. However, all that changed with the release of a new trailer at the Xbox Games Showcase. The trailer showed us what we should expect from the State of Decay 3 and the type of zombies we will encounter.

The State of Decay is a survival franchise in which players have to build a base, secure fortification, reach out to other survivors, and manage their resources. The world of the State of Decay is periodically generated.

The survivor at your shelter has their own backstories. These backstories have their own complications and problems. Background also decides the abilities of the character so it plays an important part in the gameplay. You can take control of any character in your shelter if you build a relationship with them. Once a character dies, it’s a permanent death and that character won’t respawn. Some dramatic scenes can play out during such sequences.

In the trailer, we see a call out for help as different characters run to help their fellow survivor. That is the basic idea of the series, surviving together and living to see another day. To sacrifice for the good of others is what made the State of Decay such a good experience this new energy continues that trend. The trailer also shows off the combat and survivors as they fight off the zombies using teamwork and weapons.

State of Decay 3 Is Still Alive

Despite the trailer and details, there is no release date for the State of Decay. However, the teaser shows that the project is still and work. Hopefully, we will get to know more about the State of Decay 3 this year. For more, stay tuned.

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