FragPunk is The Xbox’s Hero Shooter

FragPunk is The Xbox’s Hero Shooter

It seems like we are in the season of hero shooters, PlayStation introduced Concord and now we are seeing FragPunk from the Xbox side of the fence. While Concord is exclusive to PlayStation, FragPunk is exclusive to the Xbox but both are available on PC.

FragPunk was revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase by NetEase. Based on what we have seen so far it looks interesting. It is 5vs5 a hero shooter that will be coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC next year. The game has a stylized art style that can give it a unique identity.

It is a squad-based FPS that has more than 50 cards that you can use to give yourself an advantage and use different moves. The buff that these cards give, ranges from making enemies’ heads bigger for headshots to growing grass for hiding among other things. Cards will play a huge part and it might turn a match in your favor.

It will be a direct competitor to the other Hero’s shooter and I hope that it provides an amazing experience. The card system that it offers is unique to the game. It will give different advantages to players that might make it worth your time. The card system can turn the tide of a match similar to how abilities can change the tide of a match in other looter shooters.

We will get more info, but this is all that we have, stay tuned for more on FragPunk and other games.

The Trailer:

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