Perfect Dark Is Getting A Reboot

It’s been four years since we first found out that a new Perfect Dark game was on the way.  Now Microsoft has revealed the first gameplay during the Xbox Games Showcase today.

The news regarding the release of a new Perfect Dark game was out four years ago. We knew that a Perfect Dark game was being developed. We finally got a glimpse of the game through the first gameplay trailer.

This new Perfect Dark is a reboot of an original game. The last Perfect Dark game was released in 2010 for Xbox 360. It is being developed by Crystal Dynamic and The Initiative. During the gameplay, we got a glimpse of Joanna Dark in the futuristic setting of Cairo.

Developers have said that even though the game takes inspiration from the first two games, the story, and the setting are made from the ground up for reboot. These statements can deter some of the players but as long as the game has the same vibe then I am up for it.

In the game, you take control of Joanna Dark in an FPS setting. She is a secret shooter. It will be a single-player game with a limited number of missions. The game will give you choices while completing the story. Multiple gadgets are available for you to use that will help you complete tasks.

We saw a gadget that scans NPCs voice which you can use to unlock doors with voice commands. Players will use these gadgets to create different distractions and bypass security.

There is no news regarding the release window but hopefully, we will get that soon.

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