South of Midnight Is The New Action Adventure Game

South of Midnight Is The New Action Adventure Game

South of Midnight is part of low frames animation trend that was introduced by Into the Spider-Verse. Spider-Verse created a trend of introducing us to a new type of animation. It’s about time that such animation makes its way to video games. We got an introduction to such animation through Into The Spiderverse suite in Spiderman Miles Morales. The idea of lower frame rates in animation is being adapted by South of Midnight. Cut scenes in the game have spider verse-like animation but normal gameplay remains the same.

The game was announced last year and at the Xbox Games Showcase, we saw what type of game it is. During the event, we got to see an amazing-looking adventure platformer with not only had amazing art style but gameplay to back it up as well.

The main character is known as Hazel and she is a “Weaver”. Weavers can imbue magical powers to take down big monsters. These monsters are nasty and look pretty unique. I mean an alligator island with a tree on top! Sign me up for that.

Based on what we see in the trailer, the transversal abilities that the main character uses kind of remind me of Star Wars Jedi games. Jumping, flying, climbing, and using a combination of these moves make the bulk of environmental transversal.

It looks like South of Midnight has a post-apocalyptic setting. Even though the world has been destroyed, the world is still full of life, not human life of course. In the trailer, we see the setting of swamps. I am sure that there would be other biomes in the game as well.

The Strange Feeling

The thing that might take some time to get used to is the shift from low frame rates cut scene to 60 fps gameplay. Now this creates a strange dilemma of liking something and it not sitting well with the gameplay. They could have gone through Insomniac’s style Spider-Verse suite which I mentioned earlier. There could be an option to turn off that kind of animation in cut scenes as well.

For now, we know that the world of South of Midnight has magic, a post-apocalyptic setting, and low fps animation. For more, stay tuned.


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