Returnal Game: What To Expect from The PlayStation 5 Exclusive?

Returnal Game: What To Expect from The PlayStation 5 Exclusive?

Returnal game is a PlayStation exclusive and a new IP coming to the PS5. It would be a true next game that won’t be available on any other platform or console. The game was announced at the Future of Gaming alongside the PS5 design. Returnal gets its name from its time loop. After each death, the player gets resurrected and the loop begins once again. From the initial trailers, the game did not look interesting. Now Returnal combat trailer is out, more players could be interested in the game.

The game did not look interesting in the beginning but after watching its combat trailer, it looks cool. Combat of the game seems to out shadow all other elements of the game. It has fast-paced combat combined with loop mechanics. The combination of horror, survival, and combat makes Returnal game for what is going to be. Returnal would utilize everything that PS5 has to offer as it will only be available on the PlayStation5.

Returnal Game At A Glance

Before the release of its combat trailer, the game was boring. Even its trailer at game awards 2020 wasn’t that interesting. Developers were only showing the setting of the game along with some plot just to keep players informed. Players are even comparing its time loop mechanics to that of Death Loop. Though both of the games have loops, they are still very different from each other. Returnal is a 3d person psychological horror, making it the opposite of Death Loop. It is unclear how the time loop would impact the gameplay.

Returnal game is single-player so there is a chance that it could have a good plot. However, from what we know so far, the game relies on horror and combat to provide a good experience. I can feel Death Stranding vibes from the game but it is more combat-oriented. It also shares some similarities with Dead Space when it comes to horror elements. It seems like the game is combing horror with fast-paced combat to provide a different experience.

Reutrnal’s Combat Is Amazing

The combat of Retural is fast-paced and weapons have different effects on the enemies. The landscape of the game is different and it seems to work well with the horror elements. Retural’s premise makes it perfect to include horror elements. Players would have a chance to use guns, blades, tools, and devices in combat. The combat is upfront and there are no cover-based mechanics. Players have to dodge attacks and attack enemies as soon as there is a chance.

There seems to be mechanics to make builds in the Reutrnal similar to some looter shooters games. There are different guns that players would find while exploring. Different weapons seem to have different effects on enemies. All weapons are high tech from energy weapon to devastative blast weapon.

Guns in Reutrnal game share similarities with present-day weapons. There are weapons similar to shotguns, assault rifles, launchers, etc. Players would also be able to use different devices to increase their combat paralysis. Devices can give players new abilities that increase damage or chances of survival. There seems to be unknown alien life form or other artifacts that can increase damage or defense at the cost of something else. Unknown devices can be dangerous to both the player and enemies. Tools are extra weapons that can include explosives, area of impact damaging tool, and melee weapons. Blades are part of tools and have visual effects similar to lightsabers from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Reutrnal Could be A Good PlayStation Exclusive

Sony has a history of publishing some of the most amazing games. Their exclusive gives them an edge over Xbox which is slowly catching up. Returnal game is not as hyped and ambitious as Cyberpunk 2077 so the chances of its success are higher. Sony would not want to mess up one of their first exclusive for the PS5. Combat seems to be the most amazing aspect of the game. Players that are interested in a fast-paced combat-oriented game could find it interesting. It is only the beginning of 9th gen console and PlayStation will try to provide the best that they have to offer. Returnal could turn out to be an amazing game due to the fact that it’s only available on PlayStation 5. Returnal is releasing on March 19, 2021.

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