Microsoft Bought Bethesda Game Studios, What Does It mean For Sony?

Microsoft Bought Bethesda Game Studios, What Does It mean For Sony?

Microsoft bought Bethesda Game Studios for $7.5 billion, making it one of the most expensive purchases in the industry. This acquisition adds 8 new studios in the Xbox’s arsenal, bringing their total number of studios to 23. The acquisition gives them a massive advantage over Sony in terms of first-party titles. After this acquisition, there are lingering questions about the future of franchises under ZeniMax Media (parent company of Bethesda). Many are wondering that all these franchises will disappear from other platforms. The games would be available on both PC and Xbox but what about other platforms? Will we even see games such as Elder Scroll, Fallout, Doom, Wolfenstein, etc. on PlayStation, Nintendo, or Stadia? There are so many questions with no answers.

For starters, Xbox had made it clear that some games could be available on “other consoles on a case by case basis” So there is a chance that we might see some of their games on other platforms. There are no changes for PC players as they could play all Xbox games. Some of the games can become Xbox exclusives. Regardless of what the future has in store, there is no denying the value of Game Pass has skyrocketed. With such a big game library Game Pass is now the best deal in gaming. The dynamics of the industry are shifting to a brand new level.

Microsoft Has Bought Bethesda Game Studios

Bethesda Games Studios is now part of Xbox’s first-party studios. Microsoft has bought ZeniMax Media which is the parent company of Bethesda Games Studios. The deal is now final with the $7.5 billion making it as expensive as the combined acquisition cost of Marvel and Lucas films by Disney. Xbox now has 23 Studios, boosting its production capabilities to new heights. The acquisition is also giving a huge boost to the values and content of Xbox. I wouldn’t surprise me if some PlayStation players chose Xbox over PlayStation.

PlayStation’s key feature is quality exclusives and they are slowly losing as I have discusses before. Microsoft has 23 studios while PlayStation has only 15 Studios. Some of the recent Bethesda games didn’t have good quality but their track record is good. Microsoft now controls major western RPG franchises giving them a massive advantage. Such a large amount of western RPGs might incline players towards Xbox. The addition of these franchises to Game Pass also raises its value.

Microsoft now also holds two PlayStation timed exclusives Death Loop and Ghostwire: Tokyo. Microsoft has said that they will honor their deal regarding these two games. After the release of these games, Xbox can do whatever they want with the franchises. Xbox now holds a huge catalog of games and making these games Xbox or Microsoft exclusives could give them a massive advantage. Microsoft bought Bethesda Game Studios and this news alone is creating an extreme amount of Buzz on the internet.

Will We See Games From Bethesda Game Studios on Other Platforms?

The answer to that question is kind of vague at this point. The availability of games on other platforms on case to case basis is a vague statement. This kind of statement gives Microsoft the ability to release games on any platform they want. Microsoft bought Bethesda Game Studios for $7.5 billion and they would expect to recollect all this investment. To achieve it, they have to sell as many games as possible. Sure Microsoft has big assets but $7.5 billion is no small amount. Selling games on multiple platforms is the most efficient way for a full return.

Some of the Bethesda games franchises are more famous than others. These franchises serve as their identity and it is the reason that the developer is so famous. Microsoft would not want to lose so many potential gamers on other platforms. Case by Case could mean that games such as Doom, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Wolfenstein, and Starfield could be available on other platforms. These franchises are very famous and gamers from other platforms would like to play them. The potential profit is more than the profit they would get through exclusivity.

Releasing games on other platforms can serve as indirect marketing for Game Pass. Would you rather buy a game for $70 rather than play it as part of Game Pass? The obvious answer is Game Pass because you can access a vast library of games at fraction of the price. Ownership of the game is problematic but that the discussion for another day. With so many games on Game Pass, many players would subscribe to it rather than buy a game. You can’t even buy two next-gen games at full price with the yearly cost of Game Pass. Microsoft bought Bethesda Game Studios with an ulterior motive.

Microsoft is Now in Possession of Two PlayStation Timed Exclusives

Now that Microsoft bought Bethesda Game Studios, it owns two PlayStation timed exclusives.  GhostWire: Tokyo and Death Loop are part of Bethesda Games Studios. These games will be timed exclusives for PlayStation and it will stay that way. Microsoft is saying that they will honor the agreement. Beyond Death Loop and GhostWire: Tokyo, nothing is certain at this point. Some games would still be available on PS5 but these games would also be available on Game Pass.

Phil Spencer is saying that they will leave Bethesda games as it is. This statement is true to the vision of Phil Spencer for Xbox. Some games won’t be available for PlayStation because ZeniMax Media is part of Microsoft and they can do whatever they want with it. For years Sony has been using exclusives to ponder Microsoft to the ground. Now, the strategy of exclusives is becoming vague. The competition is heating up and Sony has yet to make their move. There is also a possibility that Microsoft would release all games on multiple platforms and Game Pass. All strategies lead to a winning situation for Microsoft.

PC Gaming and Xbox

The deal won’t have any effect on PC gaming but depending on Microsoft’s strategy, things could change. If Microsoft makes some of these games Xbox exclusives then it could also affect PC gamers. The exclusivity of certain games could change the approach of gamers towards Xbox. As of now all of the Xbox games are also available on PC. Many argue that they don’t need to buy an Xbox console since all their games are also available on PC. This perception could change if Microsoft makes some of its games Xbox exclusives. PlayStation exclusives are also coming to PC which is creating the same perception. Xbox exclusive games could give a huge boost to the sales of Series X and Series S. Microsoft Bought Bethesda Game Studios and Windows is also their platform. Given Microsoft’s platform building strategy Xbox exclusives games is a small possibility.

Next-gen Games and Game Pass

The price of next-gen games will increase to $70 making the games more expensive. For $70, you will buy games for a single platform which isn’t the case with Game Pass Ultimate. You don’t have to buy games separately for PC and Xbox while using Game Pass Ultimate. It gives you access to the games on all supported platforms. Such a consumer-friendly tactic give advantage to Microsoft. Sony has been practicing anti-consumer tactics. The removal of cross-gen delivery for Spiderman: Miles Morales is one of the recent examples. Game Pass is now becoming the Netflix of games with such an amazing library and consumer-friendliness.

Exclusives are becoming a thing of the past and Microsoft is shifting towards games services. Next-gen games would cost $70 and microtransactions would also be part of these games. Whether you buy games or play it through Game Pass, microtransactions would still be there. Game Pass would make a lot more sense than buying a game and then keep paying for in-game purchases.

Sony does indeed have a service somewhat similar to Game Pass. PS Now serves as the counterpart of Game Pass but Sony is not advertising it in such a manner. It is also worth noticing that games aren’t available on PS Now from day one. PlayStation exclusives are available on PS Now long after their release. On the other hand, Xbox first-party games are available on Game Pass from day one. The inclusion of EA Access and day one availability of many third-party games is making it even a better deal. Microsoft’s xCloud is also part of Game Pass which makes it the best deal in gaming. The price of Game Pass could increase but it’s not gonna happen anytime soon. Xbox’s ecosystem strategy is finally making sense.


Microsoft bought Bethesda Game Studios through their acquisition of ZeniMax Media. This acquisition gives them access to some of the most famous franchises in video games. It adds 8 new first-party studios to Xbox Games. Many are wondering about the future of franchises under ZeniMax Media on PlayStation. There is a great possibility that some of the games will be available on other platforms if not all. Regardless of its availability of other platforms there is no denying that the value of Game Pass has increased. It is now the best deal in gaming since all of the Xbox’s first-party games would be available on it from day one. The Netflix of video games is here in the form of Game Pass.

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