Is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Worth It? Review

Is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Worth It? Review

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game is the newest Call of Duty. The Multiplayer is always fun in the beginning but slowly fades away. It starts like action hardcore movies where you go from one mission to another in a full hardcore war movie sequence. The game has a decent amount of maps that can keep players engaged in multiplayer for a couple of weeks. It is going to get DLC maps that will add more life to the game. The game is getting better, it has a decent amount of maps and gameplay mechanics. COD Modern Warfare 2 is comparatively better than other Call of Duty games at launch.

There are a lot of tweaks that make the Modern Warfare 2 fun. Guns are an important part of any multiplayer game and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game takes that to full heart. MW2 takes it to heart by making smart changes that result in decent maps and gameplay mechanics. The impact of your bullet is good and the aim is tight. There are big and small maps with everything having balance. There are a lot of maps from the beginning of the game. Despite all the changes, it is still a Call of Duty that we get every year which makes you wonder Is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game worth it? Let’s find out.


The campaign of Call of Duty has always been fun. It is a hardcore, war movie, mission impossible type of action. The campaign is good, short, and fun that provides a good refreshment. There is usually fun, mystery, and spy thriller involved in the action sequences. It reimagines the campaign by adding new types of action sequences. The new sequences added to the game are pretty good.

More realism has been added to the sequel and the action is now slow-paced. It does not have unbelievable action all the time like old Call of Duty games. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 doubles down on tactical slow-paced moments. It doubles down on everything that made the campaign of the first game such a fun play.

You get to play a mission in the night vision tactics with everything being more realistic. Tension is high in the new mission as the game focuses on slower action sequences. There is a balance between run-and-gun cinematic shootouts and stealth sequences. It is not as great as the old Modern Warfare in some sequences. The campaign is focused more on slow burn rather than frontal action. The last two missions have a lot of good stuff that makes it worth it.


The story is more politically complicated this time with General Shepherd being back in the game. There is a variety of situations that takes you to different areas. There are fights in Mexican streets, a Hunt for terrorists, infiltration of a cartel mansion, a fight in American street, Ghillie suite action, some missions in the Middle East, and even a mission in the busy streets of Amsterdam. So the game takes you all around the world.

Some of the missions will throw you in a fight going downhill and shooting guys. There is a mission in a cargo ship during rain again. A mission where you are wounded and running away from enemies as they pursue you. A lot of mission has hardcore action sequences and constant death from falling during such sequences can break the flow of momentum.

There is a mission where you will be driving, shooting, and jumping from one car to another. It can get tedious since you die a lot which causes constant restart. The constant death can ruin the action-packed sequences. The crazy action is still there despite the slow nature of Modern Warfare. There is even a mission where you will hang from Helicopter and shoot enemies while also dodging enemies. A sudden spike in action will occur in the game despite most of it being chill.


Multiplayer has a lot of things that keep the game fresh but most of it relies on old game types for engagement. There is ground war that might not feel that good but it is still there as the game is tailored more towards small combat. It is a 65 vs 65 that includes vehicles, destruction of highways, and intense action. The ground war is about having an upper hand over the other. The health is low so most of the time the player that lands the first shot gets to be the winner.


Getting new guns is different. The game is not about ranking guns but rather getting improved versions of the guns. You have to shift between different guns to level up guns and unlock a better version of it. Use shotguns to level it up, then use machine guns to unlock other guns. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game encourages you to use all types of guns. So you cannot stick to a single gun and level it up.

Every different gun has attachments that you can attach to weapons similar to Warzone. Even though you have multiple slots you can only select attachments in five different slots at a time. Though weapon changes are encouraged, changes in playstyle are not encouraged as much. You can stick to a similar playstyle and be successful with it. Just look at what situation fit your playstyle and run with it.

Perks have always been the main part of COD and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game is no different. You can use overkill on 2 weapons and swift hand on another for a quick weapon change. Players will not have all the perks from the start and will slowly need to unlock them. There are three tiers of perks and you will have the green tier from the start. After green you get to unlock blue perks. So there is a sort of progression in the game.

Kill Streak

Kill Streaks are an important part of the gameplay and they can turn the tide of a match. Playing well will accelerate the recharge rate. It encourages you to do better due to the unlock of Kill Streak that it offers. There are two sides to it on one side you gain kill steak for doing better, and on the other side, you are rewarded for having a lower hand.


Some of the maps are bad and some maps are good. One of the maps is just a highway with vehicles. There is no landmark or environmental storytelling. You can’t even call out the location of enemies on some of the maps. However, the ratio of good maps is higher than the ratio of bad maps.

It is a skill base game so the better you are the better the opponents. You cannot complain that your teammates lacked in skill. If you dominate players then you will fight against players with high KD. It can be good for new players and the game might even live longer. It is the first good COD in quite some time.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game has a fun campaign that keeps players busy for a few hours. Its campaign offers a combination of action pack sequences with some hardcore action. There are subtle infiltration missions full of mystery and thrillers. The game starts slow but steadily takes pace as more action is poured into it. The campaign feels like a short action movie.

Multiplayer is similar to the previous COD games with some changes that make it a little different. There are some good maps and some bad maps. Good maps are more than bad maps. The fun gameplay is still as prevalent. The subtle changes add a lot of good things that make it a fun experience.

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