Sony PlayStation State of Play August Wasn’t Impressive

Sony PlayStation State of Play August Wasn’t Impressive

Sony PlayStation State of Play August event was about both PS4 and PS5. It was an event that wasn’t focused on next-gen consoles but rather overall PlayStation games. Everyone was expecting a lot from the State of Play august event but it didn’t live up to the expectations. There were only two AAA titles in the event for PS5. All other games in the event were indie titles for both PS5 and PS4. The game that made many excited was Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. There wasn’t any announcement regarding PlayStation exclusive titles. There was no price reveal or any other amazing announcement. For many, Sony PlayStation state of play august was the worse PlayStation event since the announcement of PS5.

Games from the Sony PlayStation State of Play August Event

There were announcements of new games along with the details of previously announced games. Most of the games in the event were indie games but there were some AAA titles in the event. Some of the indie games were really impressive while others were just mediocre. The hope that Sony set for Sony PlayStation State of Play August event didn’t live up to the expectations. The event was mostly about PS4 games but there were few announcements regarding PS5 games.

Aeon Must Die Gameplay Trailer

ANNO: Mutation State of Play Gameplay Trailer

Auto Chess State of Play Trailer

Braid: Anniversary Edition Announcement

Control: AWE Expansion Release Date

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time Details

Gameplay Footage of Bugsnax

Genshin Impact Gameplay Trailer

Godfall Gameplay Footage

Hitman Trilogy PSVR Announcement

Hood: Outlaws and Legends Reveal Trailer

Spelunky 2 Release Date Announcement

Temtem For PS5

The Pathless Gameplay Footage

The Pedestrian Gameplay Trailer

Vader Immortal PSVR Release Date Announced

Analysis of Announcements

The event had a lot to show for PS4 but very little for PS5 which was one of the reasons for the disappointment. Most of the games from the event were indie games with only a few AAA titles. Details of the Crash Bandicoot 4 was the most amazing part of the event. The game is returning after a decade of absence which is a surprise in itself. Developers of the game are saying that it would cater to everyone’s needs. Both newcomers and old players of the franchise would be able to enjoy the game. The developers are considering every platform while moving ahead with the game.

Hitman Trilogy VR and Vader Immortal PSVR were also major announcements. Hitman Trilogy VR was announced in the event. You can play the entire Hitman trilogy in VR mode along with standard mode. Vader Immortal PSVR was a pre-announced game but now we have a release date for it. There was a lot of good news for PSVR players. Hitman could be the next big VR title.

Control got the trailer and release date of its new expansion AWE. Some of the current-gen games were mediocre but it should expand the library of PS4 games. There were a lot of cross-gen titles in the event. Cross-gen titles can make the generation shift easier but none of the games were exceptional as all of them were indie games. Hood: Outlaws and Legends was one of the only AAA title announced in the event. It will be a cross-gen multiplayer title that brings in some new concepts to the table. Developers of Godfall also shed some light on the game. The combat, progression, and loot system of the game are somewhat evident now.

Indie Games Were Dominating

A lot of the games in the event were indie games that were dampening the mode of many players. Some of these games were anticipated for long times but others were surprises. Spelunky 2 was a good announcement for an Indie title. We also got some gameplay footage for Bugsnax which is a cross-gen game. The Pathless and The Pedestrian were also good games. The overall focus of the Sony PlayStation State of Play August was indie games. Many were expecting AAA titles due to the hype that Sony created for it.


Sony PlayStation State of Play August event was supposed to be an amazing event that would create hype for the PS5. Instead of focusing on the caliber of their next-gen console, Sony was focusing mostly on PS4. There were lots of indie titles in the event which would not help in creating hype for PlayStation 5. In the next State of Play event, Sony might reveal some more about PS5 including its price.

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