The Callisto Protocol Gameplay and Dead Space

The Callisto Protocol Gameplay and Dead Space

The Callisto Protocol Gameplay is now out and it shows that the game truly is the spiritual successor of Dead Space. It is being developed by Striking Distance Studios, established by Glen Schofield. He was co-creator of Dead Space and you can read about it in the previous article. The gameplay of Callisto Protocol seems good. It shows that there is a lot that the game has to offer.

Dead Space Type

The Callisto Protocol is a Dead-Space-like game but it is different than Dead Space in a lot of aspects as well. Its movements and environment have Dead Space vibes. The use of darkness and scary moments are more prevent (at least from the gameplay trailer). Creatures are similar to Dead Space but they are more human-like. Think of it as a Dead-Space-like game (a reference to Souls-like).

The game has more projectile weapons and there is also a melee weapon. Dead Space had a lot of energy weapons which is not the case with The Callisto Protocol as shown in the gameplay trailer. We might even see more melee combat. The shooting mechanics and the way enemies attack also share similarities with Dead Space.

The Story

A lot of thing about the game has changed and that includes lore. Initially, the game was supposed to be part of PUBG. The developers have now made it clear that it is not part of the PUBG universe and is a stand-alone concept. The Callisto Protocol game takes place on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. It is a desirable setting for the game since Callisto has the chance of colonization.

The story takes place in the year 2320. The main setting of The Callisto Protocol game is the prison colony, Black Iron. United Jupiter Company operates Black Iron. The Player will take control of Jacob Lee, an Inmate at the colony. Alien creatures are invading which has resulted in infection. These aliens are apparently engineered by the warden of the prison.

Final Thought

The Callisto Protocol game’s gameplay shows a lot of stuff that makes it seem similar to Dead Space. The promise that it is the spiritual successor of Dead Space, seems true so far. There is a lot that the game shares with Dead Space and it adds new stuff as well. Its narrative might be better than the game it takes inspiration from.

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