Is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Worth It? Campaign Review

Is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Worth It? Campaign Review

The campaign of Call of Duty games is usually short and full of action, Modern Warfare 3 is short and full of action part is up for debate. There are few good moments here and there but the general direction of the game overshadows its other aspects. It takes place two years after the events of the first game.

The team is taking on their usual stuff until Makarov shows up and the stakes become higher. The world is under threat as he and his guys do bad stuff. They frame countries launch bombs and cause chaos. The stakes are high but the way the game handles it is up for debate. All this makes you wonder Is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 campaign worth it? Let’s find out.

The Story is Low-key Key

It feels different than the first two games in the series. There is big stuff going on but the stakes feel low in terms of their presentation. It fails to catch up to the previous two games. Nothing exciting is happening that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Though there are nukes and a few good moments here and there, it still feels low-key.

The only character that shines is Captain Price and the rest are just there to fill in the gaps in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Captain Price has always been a star character so this much is to be expected. However, the other characters do not have that much impact which could have been done better.

It is not a long campaign and will take 4 hours at best to get through it. The thing is that it is not just short but lacks fun as well. The hours you spend on the campaign are not good hours.

Some missions are not even missions but open areas that have been filled with random enemies. There is little diversity in such areas and they feel like part of Warzone. The level design is not good and so is the design of each encounter. These open combat zones have chaos but they are bland.

You will be running around finding a special crate with a rare weapon or finding other drops to change your operator load out. Even the objectives are pretty basic as they are nothing more than go there pick this and do that. The point is that level design is not good and stuff is thrown in to make it more intricate.

Mission Design

There are a couple of stealth spins here and there in Modern Warfare 3 that stand up in the overall mission layouts. A lot of missions in the campaign are just mini Warzones. The enemy encounters and AI are not as thought out. Enemies will just be running around or running towards you. It is not as satisfying as the standard Call of Duty missions. Missions are not as intricate and they can range from generic storage facility bunkers to containers.

A lot of things could have been done better than the previous one but instead, it goes backwards. There are a couple of cool moments like the lethal chemical attacks mission in which you run through office buildings as gas seeps in from windows and vents. You will see people running around, dying, breaking doors to escape. All the while you will be running and finding exit.

There is a brutal new Makarov scheme that hits harder and feels way more terrifying. Makarov has a compelling character though he doesn’t get as much time but there is something to experience. Throughout the story, you will feel like something major is going to happen and then it ends abruptly in Modern Warfare 3.


The campaign of Modern Warfare 3 this time around feels more like an obligation. The game will hit you with season passes and other microtransactions. Call of Duty always had a good campaign but this time the campaign has been put to the side. There is some stuff here but seems like the game needed more time and budget to provide a new compelling adventure.

It seems more like different Warzone maps were slapped together to create the campaign. It seems like developers are losing interest in the campaign which has turned it into a side project. The main focus is multiplayer and zombie modes to some extent, campaign is just something that has been slapped on top of it.

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