Is Resident Evil 4 Remake Game Worth It? Review

Is Resident Evil 4 Remake Game Worth It? Review

Resident Evil 4 Remake is a new entry into the list of remakes for the game series. It has undergone some changes and improves upon different aspects of the game. The game looks more modern with changes that make everything look better. It offers a great time with good moment-to-moment gameplay. There are lots of familiar moments that offer remanence of the original Resident Evil 4. There are some things missing but it can still be good for OGs. It modernizes most of the things that made the original such a big deal.

The third-person original camera has gone through some major graphical upgrades. Controls have also seen some major changes as graphics are not the only upgrades. There are no instant snapbacks and everything feels more smooth. The game now gives players the chance to look at all the details and scenery with ease. The smooth camera and graphical updates make it easier to look around before progressing.

Resident Evil 4 Remake feels more like Village than Resident Evil 7. It is more action-heavy with lots of fast-paced action. You can kill with different weapons in the fast-paced action. The original Resident Evil 4 was a good shift from the traditional style of the series this one does the same for Remakes. There are more weapons, upgrades, and more action. Resident Evil 4 Remake game brings lots of changes that make it different than the previous remake in the series.

Story and Setting (Spoiler Free)

Resident Evil 4 Remake follows the story of the original game featuring Leone as the main playable character. He has been given a mission to save the president’s daughter who has been kidnaped. The search for the president’s daughter leads him to a remote village in Europe. He finds out that something is not quite right in the village. Rumors of a cult are also going around which makes for a good survival horror setting.

The Events of the game take place six years after the events at Raccoon City. The effects of the events can still be felt. Just like the original game focus is on the characters we all know and love with some changes. Even if you have not played the first game, you are still good to go. The game will give a good background on the events up until Resident Evil 4. The game mainly focuses on Leone so it’s not hard to follow the events.

The story has been improved in every way and the game is paced better. It is overall more interesting and progresses linearly in action survival horror fashion. Pieces of the lore are all over the game which helps paint the picture. The main story is still about rescue and strange things happening in the world. The story is improved in every way and the game feels like it is paced better. It is overall more interesting and goes in line with the general feel of the game.


Combat of Resident Evil 4 Remake has seen some major changes. For starters, there are no quick-time events anymore unlike the original R4. It can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preferences. Mini bosses are unrelenting and will constantly follow you. Running away from them while fighting a group of enemies can be challenging.

The game feels more like Resident Evil Village than the slower RE7. It is action heavy not slow like Resident Evil 7. You can kill with different kinds of weapons as your arsenal is big. The original RE4 was a good shift and the remake one is a good shift as well. There are more weapons, upgrades, and action which brings a lot of improvement.

Leone can now crouch and sneak around enemies. Crouching is just a bonus as the Resident Evil 4 game does not have a complete stealth detection system. The game has the same sense of dread as mobs can now attack in groups. One enemy will hold you in place while the other will attack you. You have to mash buttons to get free. If not careful the enemies will pin you down especially if you use too much ammo.

You have to decide when to shoot and when to use the knife as the ammo economy is very low. The low ammo economy brings more intensity to combat and makes it feel more dynamic. The improvement to the weapon system makes it easy to swap guns in the middle of combat. You can assign guns to different load-outs making it easier to swap and use in combat.

Companions and Intensity of Combat

Ashly is a pretty straightforward character and you don’t have to constantly manage her. Just make sure that no bad guy literally grabs her and takes her away. You can command her to follow closely or stay back. The moment-to-moment gameplay can still get tense but it is not annoying. You don’t have to babysit her all the way to the end in Resident Evil 4 Remake unlike the original.

There are no quick-time events which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preference. For me, it is a good thing since I don’t have to keep my fingers on keys during cut scenes. In the end, the game can become frustrating or funny depending on how you see it. You will be searching for ammo everywhere while lots of action will be going on around you. Such a situation takes intensity from combat as fights turn to hunt for ammo.


There are new knife mechanics as knives can now degrade. Knives are usable resources that work like ammo rather than an unbreakable weapon. Leone can even use the knife to parry incoming attacks and things thrown at you. The parry window is generous so you will have more chances to deflect attacks.

You can upgrade damage, reload speed, ammo capacity, etc. but will need cash for it that you will find throughout the game. The merchant is back from the original and has always something to welcome you with. He will sell you different stuff through in-game currency. The importance of the merchant in Resident Evil 4 Remake is as much as in the original game.

General Gameplay

It is a great survival horror game for those who like a little challenge. The game has changed but perfectly preserves the ideas that made the original such a good experience. If you are a fan of Resident Evil and are looking for a fresh experience then it would be good for you. Music, ambient sounds and sound effect add intensity to the game and new horrors.

There are puzzles in the game that unlock mysteries and treasures. Puzzles have been revamped and are different than the original. It still feels classic since these puzzles lead to precious items that are quite useful in the game. It can be challenging to look for puzzles while being chased by enemies. Being chased while looking for items can be quite unnerving. The game does a great job of setting the pace for finding new items.

Voice acting is good with some new lines being part of the game. In terms of progression, and the areas you encounter the game are not an exact remake like Dead Space Remake. There are changes here and there. The game has more Blue Medallion challenges, more alternate paths, and things like that. There are more trinkets to find here and there.

It will take nearly twenty hours or more to complete the game depending on the amount of exploration you do. You can spend points on different items after completing the game and then use these items while replaying the game. This has been a norm for Resident Evil games for a long time. All these factors make Resident Evil 4 Remake a game with good replay value.

Visuals and Performance

The game shows visuals in a lovely way. The rain and general feel of the game looks good with everything looking better. Bosses, locations, and characters have been improved. Most of the game is dark which is consistent with the original. The game runs well with no issues in performance. The music is good with well-directed scenes.

You will see lots of blood and gore while playing Resident Evil 4 Remake game. The game runs well with no performance issues. The characters look sharp and have been reworked while keeping the original style. The environment is detailed with some being reworked to match the gameplay.

The overall feeling shows that the game has been given more enhancement and rework. Most remain the same and some more changes would have been better but it is still good. You will still get a good experience out of it and you are in for a wild ride.

The third-person original camera has seen some major graphical upgrades. There are upgrades in control as well so there is no instant snapback. Everything feels smoother, you can now look around at all the details since camera angles are freer.

You will see lots of guts and gore but it does show visuals in a lovely way. The rain and general feel of the game make it better. Boss’s locations and characters have been revamped. Most of the game is dark which is quite in contrast to the original.


If you have not played the original then this could be a good starting point. It is fun revisiting locations and seeing the same characters that are part of our old memories. Resident Evil 4 Remake is the type of game that you know will provide a good zombie time. The original game needed some tweaks to controls and the Remake fulfilled that need.

It provides a thrill ride whether you are playing it for the first time or second time in the form of a remake. You will be in for a thrill ride and the game will keep you interesting. Resident Evil 4 Remake is a good survival horror zombie game. The game runs smoother with better graphics. Developers have tried to iron out all the bad bits.

If you have played the original and are revisiting the game as a remake then you are in for some changes. Even though the gameplay is fluid, the chapter flow is better and there are general refreshes all around, the game still gives a nostalgic feeling. If you had like 2 and 3 remake then this could definably be your cup of tea. It is a good follow-up to the previous remakes. If you have played the original then there is still some fun to be had.


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